How to Increase Testosterone in a Short Period?

Among middle-aged men, i.e. over 40, testosterone-boosting are gaining in popularity. Also on bodybuilders of course and heavy lifters. This hormone is undoubtedly one of the most important male hormones and is certainly the most important in terms of the health of the reproductive system and also in terms of the quality of sexual life.

A low level of this hormone entails not only a disruption of sexual life or the healthy functioning of the reproductive system, but, on the contrary, affects the functioning of the entire male organism.

The problem is also related to the phenomenon of andropause, which is something like menopause in men. In this period, hormonal changes and hormonal imbalances occur, especially regarding testosterone. That is why it is important to look for solutions that can increase testosterone again.

What Can Be Considered Testosterone Deficiency

Low testosterone levels can be recognized in a man by a number of fairly clear symptoms. First of all, it is a decrease in sexual appetite, or libido. The man shows disinterest in sexual intercourse, and in the most serious cases also in physical contact as such.

In addition to manifestations in the sex life, testosterone deficiency is also manifested in the ordinary one. A man loses his original energy and vitality, the body’s immunity is also reduced, which translates into greater susceptibility to diseases. There is also a loss of physical strength and muscle wasting, the amount of body fat also decreases. Osteoporosis may also occur.

In addition to the physical manifestations, there are also changes in the psyche. A man with low testosterone levels may be more likely to become depressed, more irritable, have trouble sleeping, and also experience a decrease in the ability to concentrate and impaired memory.


As far as the exact numbers are concerned, a blood testosterone level of 500 to 700 ng/dl is considered normal for men today. But in the past, it was much higher. Conversely, testosterone levels below 400 ng/dl are generally considered low.

The options you have to deal with testosterone deficiency at home

An increase in low testosterone may at first glance perhaps be too remote, but it is not at all. There are even several options that you have, with just pills being one of the most effective ones. But they are certainly not the only way.

It is also a misconception that testosterone boosting is only sought after by athletes or those who want to work out their bodies. On the contrary, more and more ordinary men are having problems with a deficiency of this hormone. After ignoring the initial symptoms, they usually only commit to action when libido problems arise.

All this can be done to increase testosterone at home:

  • Exercise, as exercise releases testosterone and helps improve physical strength; however, it is important that it is high-intensity exercise for up to 45 minutes
  • Get enough sleep, at least 7 to 8 hours a day
  • Try to avoid stress, as it is associated with higher levels of cortisol, a hormone that in turn reduces the production of testosterone
  • You should definitely not have sex, as it increases testosterone
  • Eat more carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruit, vegetables and beef, but limit dairy products, soya and flaxseeds
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Shower in cold water
  • Avoid raising the temperature around the testicles
  • Do not forget about natural testosterone stimulants, for example, the Tribulus Terrestris plant is one of the best known means to increase it naturally

The Principle and Effects to Increase Testosterone

When we talk about increasing testosterone with the help of pills, I mean not synthetic preparations, but pills with a 100% natural composition. These contain minerals, vitamins and plant extracts that act as natural and natural testosterone stimulants.

Preparations of this type work on the principle of promoting the formation of the human own testosterone, since they contain substances stimulating its production in the human body. Thus, there is no substitution of testosterone from an external source, but stimulation of its own production. Although the effects do not come immediately, longer use is needed, but this principle is as natural as possible for the body.

In the composition of these tablets you will find extracts of herbs such as Anemone, Fenugreek or Maca, depending on which particular product you try. Likewise, several minerals and vitamins, such as Zinc or Vitamin D3 have positive effects on testosterone.

When Will the First Changes Come?

Due to the fact that testosterone support pills have herbal active ingredients, the intensity and speed of the effects cannot be guaranteed 100% for every man. For someone it may be in 2 to 3 weeks, but for most men the first changes come after 1 to 2 months of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

In connection with increasing testosterone, men ask really a lot of diverse questions on the Internet. Many of them indicate that they are not completely knowledgeable about this issue, and that’s why I decided to find the most frequently asked questions on Internet forums and answer them here.

  1. Aren't Testosterone Pills Dangerous?

    Certainly not, but I must stress here that I am referring only to the preparations I wrote about above. If you take synthetic anabolic steroids designed to increase testosterone, there are of course no health risks to speak of here. In the case of herbal preparations, however, there is no need to worry.

  2. At What Age Should a Man Start Taking These Pills?

    For most men, the decline in testosterone begins as early as around 25 to 30 years of age, but it is very individual. The most noticeable decline, even by symptoms, begins after the age of 40, when andropause occurs in men. But there can be a sense in taking the tablets even earlier, in general I can recommend them to men over the age of 30.

  3. Are There Any Contraindications or Side Effects?

    Fortunately, in this regard, the pills are trouble-free even with long-term use, so there are very few possible contraindications or side effects. Generally probably the most significant is an allergic reaction to one of the substances, otherwise I recommend reading the package insert whenever possible for a particular product.

  4. Do I Need to Take Other Measures Besides Taking the Tablets?

    I definitely recommend it, because the more options you use, the more visible the result will be and the first results will come faster. You should try the regime changes and measures I mentioned, which you can also do at home. Several of them also help to improve your overall health.

  5. When Are Pills Not Enough Anymore and You Need to See a Doctor?

    Although there are plenty of options to increase testosterone and they have worked well for me, there are situations when this may not be enough and professional treatment is needed. These are mainly cases of serious disease involving the testicles or disruption of the production and function of the luteinizing hormone, which initiates testosterone production.

Pills and experiences

Some people may reached the age of male transition, or maybe already feeling the symptoms typical of low testosterone. So I decided to try out a few brands of testosterone-boosting supplements and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness.

Understandably, this is not the case for all brands that are currently on the market. However, it is natural that some are better quality more and others less, for me the experience of other men was also essential in the choice.

How to Know the Most Important Principles to Stick to When Making Your Choice?

Time Needed : 8000 days 00 hours 05 minutes

Before taking the preparations, however, I would like to warn you that:

  1. Consider other Options

    Pills are herbal in nature and therefore act as naturally as possible in the body they are
    only one of several ways to increase testosterone levels and therefore other options like vials should also be considered. Of course it depends for what you want to reach with it.

  2. Follow Dosage

    Long-term use is possible without side effects, but this does not mean that you should not adhere to the dosage, which should be chosen primarily according to the quality of the composition and not according to the price

  3. Not a Substitute

    This is not a substitute for professional treatment of more serious hormonal problems

However, based on many people their experiences, we found out that the following pills and vials are recommend. Here are the brands that have proven to be the most effective in most of the people their opinion:

Sustanon (Testosterone)

  • Higher energy level
  • Reduction of fatigue during the day
  • Faster muscle mass gain
  • Keep up the dimension of testosterone in the blood

Testorapid (Testosterone Propionate)

  • Effect on testosterone levels
  • Support of the reproductive system
  • Health and vitality
  • restoration of muscle tissue
  • Impact against fatigue and exhaustion

Testorapid (Testosterone Propionate)

  • Effect on testosterone levels
  • Support of the reproductive system
  • Health and vitality
  • restoration of muscle tissue
  • Impact against fatigue and exhaustion

Androgel (Cernos Gel)

  • Erection
  • Reduces fat deposition
  • Libido and appetite for sex
  • Length of sexual intercourse


  • Increase testosterone and appetite for sex
  • restoration of muscle tissue
  • accelerate the recovery after heavy training
  • growth of power indicators

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