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Keep in mind that the use of Lumigan eye drops does not represent a cure for glaucoma. It is a treatment prescribed by doctors in patients with glaucoma, which reduces the risk of optic nerve damage and in consequence blindness. A structure in our eyes constantly secretes a liquid which has the function of providing the nutrients which are needed.

In order for the eye to function properly, a balance must be kept between the secretion and the excretion function. When the excretion function is very slow, the liquid above mentioned will start to build up inside the eye, thus causing a spike in the intraocular pressure. If this balance is not corrected, the high intraocular pressure will lead to damage to the optic nerve, and in time to blindness. Lumigan eye drops facilitate the excretion of the liquid, maintaining a stable balance between secretion and excretion.

Dosage and direction

The accepted dose for Lumigan eyedrop solution is one drop of 0.01% solution in the eye affected by glaucoma. If both are affected, than one drop should be administered in each eye. To apply the drops, first, remove your contact lenses as they may absorb a part of the active ingredients which are contained by Lumigan eyedrops. After applying the eye drops directly into the eye, gently close and open the eye in order to spread the solution all across the surface. Do not use your hands to rub your eyes, as this may result in doing more damage than good.


Always make sure that your hands, as well as the bottle, are clean before applying the solution. This is to prevent opening a gateway for opportunistic infections. Please note that Lumigan eyedrops may cause temporary blurry vision, so abstain from driving or operating heavy machinery until the effect has worn off and you are able once again to perform your daily activities.


Because the effects of this drug have not been studied on patients with liver or renal disease, consult your physician before administering the drops if you are known to have one or both types of the above-mentioned diseases. If you are allergic or have hypersensitivity to any of the active ingredients of the Lumigan Eyedrops, do not administer the drug. Consult the list of active ingredients before applying Lumigan Eyedrops. Also, tell your doctor if you are suffering or have recently suffered from any eye infections.

Possible side effect

Possible side effects of using this drug may include:

  • redness of the eye, 
  • eyes changing colour,
  • itching, 
  • swelling,
  • dizziness.

 If you are experiencing any of these symptoms on a daily basis, seek physician care immediately.

Drug interaction

 After studying the drug, it has been found that Lumigan Eye drops can interact with bimatoprost topical (Latisse), and latanoprost ophthalmic (Xalatan).

Missed dose

If by any chance you happen to miss your daily dose of Lumigan eyedrops, take it as soon as you remember, as long as it is not already the time for your next dose. Do not double dose.


Lumigan eyedrops should be kept stored in a place where direct sunlight does not shine, at a preferred temperature of unde 25 degrees Celsius, away from moisture and especially away from children.

Disclaimer of liability

Pfizer is not affiliated with this site. The brand name and logos and images used are the property of Pfizer. The content of this site is for informational purposes only. We do not supply, market or ship medicines ourselves and refer you to reputable web stores on the Internet. Always consult a physician when using medicines.

On this website we do not sell any medications and refer visitors to trusted Internet providers. In this way, we save you and the best price to people many problems and you can easily and legally obtain this powerful medicine.

Frequently asked questions

What is Bimatoprost or Lumigan?

Bimatoprost ophthalmic (eye) drop is used to treat certain diseases of the eye like open-angle glaucoma and ocular (eye) hypertension which occurs in many people as they grow older. Glaucoma is caused by high pressure in your eye and can lead to pain from pressure in your eye and then can eventually harm your vision. This medicine can help you keep your sight by reducing the pressure in your eye and stopping eye pain.. Look at all the different types of Lumigan here.

What to do if i missed a dose?

Skip the missed dose and wait until the next night to apply the medicine. Do not use extra medicine to make up the missed dose.

What is a safe dosage and when to check my doctor?

Your eye doctor will want to examine your eyes at regular visits to make sure that the medicine is working properly and is not causing unwanted effects. If itching, redness, swelling, or other signs of eye or eyelid irritation occur, check with your doctor. These signs may mean that you are allergic to bimatoprost. Check with your doctor if you have an injury, trauma, or infection in your eye or if you are scheduled to have an eye surgery. Your doctor may want you to use a fresh bottle of bimatoprost in case the present bottle has become contaminated during use.. Look at all the different types of Bimatoprost here.

Risks and side effects of using Bimatoprost

Possible side effects of using this drug may include:

• redness of the eye, 
• eyes changing colour,
• itching, 
• swelling,
• dizziness.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms on a daily basis, seek physician care immediately. Look at all the different types of Lumigan here.

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