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What is Domperidone or Motilium?

Domperidone stimulates the movements of the stomach and the first part of the intestines and speeds up the passage of food from the stomach to the intestines. Doctors prescribe it for nausea and vomiting, stomach upset, migraines, breastfeeding problems, and a certain type of low blood pressure in Parkinson’s disease.

  • Domperidone has been on the market internationally since 1978. It is available by prescription under the brand name Motilium and as the unbranded Domperidone. It is available in tablets, melting tablets and drinks.

How should I use Domperidone (as Motilium)?

Always look at the pharmacy label for the correct dosage.

  • Drink: shake before use. To measure out the correct amount, use a measuring cup or measuring spoon.
  • Melting tablets: first let it melt on the tongue and then swallow. Optionally, you can first disintegrate the melting tablet in half a glass of water, stir and drink immediately.

When to take Domperidone

  • Nausea, vomiting, breastfeeding problems, and low blood pressure: take this medicine 15 to 30 minutes beforeóór a meal or some food.
  • Migraine: take domperidone immediately at the first symptoms of a migraine attack. Use it at the same time as a painkiller.

How long can I use domperidone?

Use this medicine for as short a time as possible. In any case, do not use it for more than a week at a time. Do you need to use it longer? If so, discuss the risks with your doctor. With longer use you risk serious side effects, such as cardiac arrhythmia.

  • Nausea and vomiting: contact your doctor if you do not notice any improvement after 1 or 2 days of use.
  • Breastfeeding problems: you will usually need to take the medicine daily for 1 to 2 weeks, after which you will need to phase out the use over several weeks.
  • Migraine: use this medicine only during a migraine attack. This generally lasts between 4 and 16 hours.
  • Do you suffer from constant headaches or have a migraine attack more than 2 times a month? Then consult with your doctor about a medication that can prevent migraine attacks.

What side effects should I watch out for?

Besides the desired effect, this drug may cause side effects.

The main side effects are as follows.


Temporary intestinal cramps, these usually disappear after some time. These cramps are due to the stimulating effect of domperidone on the intestines. Dry mouth. This can make it easier for cavities to develop in your teeth. Brush and floss extra well if you notice that you are suffering from dry mouth. If necessary, have your dentist check your teeth more often if you have been taking this medicine for several weeks. They can cause cavities.

Very rarely

  • Breast formation in men and swelling of mammary glands in women. Milk may also flow from the breasts and menstruation may be disrupted. These symptoms disappear again within a few days after stopping domperidone.
  • Hypersensitivity to this medicine. You can notice this by rash and hives. Do not use this medicine anymore. A severe hypersensitivity can be noticed by tightness of the chest or a swollen face. See a doctor immediately. In both cases you should not use this medicine in the future. Therefore, please inform the pharmacy that you are hypersensitive to domperidone. The pharmacy team can then ensure that you do not receive the drug again.
  • Movement disorders, these are also called extrapyramidal symptoms. They are disorders in the control of the muscles. The symptoms may be similar to those in Parkinson’s disease: stiff muscles, tremors, difficulty walking or talking, restlessness, sudden muscle twitches. If you notice these, alert your doctor.
  • Increased risk of cardiac arrhythmias. You may experience sudden dizziness or brief loss of consciousness. This is especially important for people with a particular heart rhythm disorder, congenitally prolonged QT interval. Do NOT use this drug if you have this heart rhythm disorder. Consult with your doctor. You may be able to switch to another drug.
  • Domperidone is eliminated from the body through the liver. If you have impaired liver function, you should therefore not use this medicine. Consult with your doctor about this.
  • Are you taking this medicine for several weeks and you still suffer from diarrhea after a few weeks? Then consult your doctor.
  • Headache, dizziness, general feeling of weakness, anxiety and drowsiness. Does it continue to bother you even after several days? Then contact your doctor.
  • Less desire to have sex. If you have problems with this, consult with your doctor.
  • Consult your doctor if you experience too much of ééone of the above side effects or if you experience other side effects that you are concerned about.

Explanation of frequencies

  • Regularly : in more than 30 in 100 people
  • Sometimes : in 10 to 30 out of 100 people
  • Rarely : with 1 to 10 out of 100 people
  • Very rarely : in less than 1 in 100 people

This medicine has interactions with other medicines. The text below lists only the active ingredients of these medicines, not the brand names. You can find out if your medicine contains any of these active ingredients in your leaflet under the heading ‘composition’.

The medications with which the most important interactions occur are the following.

When combining domperidone with any of the following medicines, you are more likely to experience heart rhythm disturbances. You may experience sudden dizziness or brief periods of unconsciousness.

Do NOT use the following medicines together with domperidone: amiodarone, anagrelide, arsenic trioxide, azithromycin, chlorpromazine, chloroquine, citalopram, clarithromycin, disopyramide, droperidol, erythromycin, escitalopram, flecaï nide, haloperidol, ibutilide, ketanserin, quinidine, methadone, moxifloxacin, ondansetron, pentamidine, pimozide, sevoflurane, sotalol, sulpiride, and vandetanib. Consult with your doctor. He may be able to prescribe a different medication.

  • Drugs for Parkinson’s disease. Domperidone can counteract the effect of parkinson’s drugs. Therefore, it is best to use domperidone as little and as briefly as possible if you have Parkinson’s disease. Discuss this with your doctor.
  • Some medications against HIV and hepatitis C. Ask your pharmacist which medications this involves.
  • Do you have doubts about whether any of the above interactions are of concern to you? If so, contact your pharmacist or physician

If I am taking Domperidone (as Motilium), may I…

Driving a car and drinking alcohol?

There are no restrictions for this drug.

Eating anything?

You may eat anything. However, keep in mind that certain foods can make stomach problems worse. You will need to try which foods are better to avoid.


Too little is known about the use of this medicine during pregnancy. In any case, report it to your doctor and pharmacist as soon as you are pregnant, or intend to become pregnant soon. If possible, you can (temporarily) switch to another medicine.

Breastfeeding and domperidone

If you want to breastfeed, consult with your doctor. This drug enters breast milk in small amounts. Short-term use for breastfeeding problems has so far seen no harmful effects on the baby. It is not known if it is harmful to your baby with longer use. If you need to use this drug for a longer period, it is best not to breastfeed. Consult with your doctor.

What should I do if I forget a dose?

There is no point in taking a forgotten dose. Skip the forgotten dose and resume your normal schedule.

Can I just stop taking Domperidone (as Motilium)?

For most conditions, you can stop use in ééone time. Are you using it to improve breastfeeding? Then slowly phase it out to make sure milk production continues.

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