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What is Lovegra?

Where men can often have problems with erectile dysfunction, women are more likely to suffer from insufficient sexual stimulation or lethargy. Surprisingly, the problems of men and women in this area have a similar cause, there is too little blood active at the genitaliën.

  • Where men can use a huge range of erection pills such as Ladygra and Cialis, women nowadays have their own Viagra, this product is called Lovegra. This drug is available in our store without a prescription. Please note that this can only be purchased online and therefore not at etos or any other pharmacy.

There are many women who have questions when it comes to Lovegra, so we have listed a few things about how it works and the price.

How exactly does Lovegra work?

Although the problem of women is not very similar to that of men, the cause of the problem is at the same point. As mentioned, this has to do with the fact that there is not enough blood active in the genitals. In men this causes them to not be able to get a very firm erection, in women this manifests itself in less sensitivity and less lust. In order to get the effect of this drug, we need to make sure that you take it. In order to understand how this product works, you first need to look at the active ingredient found in Viagra and Lovegra: Sildenafil.

  • Sildenafil is a special drug that was discovered by accident during the search for a stroke recovery medication. It causes blood to flow better in the genitals, which in women therefore causes them to feel much more during sex.
  • Although the effect of Viagra on a woman is intense, this drug is obviously not intended for this purpose. Therefore, researchers have refined this drug so that it fits perfectly with the female body and female genitals.

What can woman do when they aren’t aroused?

Deterrent and troublesome issues of sexual arousal can be reduced by using Lovegra. Your sex life will be rekindled by this drug. This pill has been tested for its effectiveness and it will soon give you back pleasure in your private life. In no time, you will be enjoying sex again.

Lovegra is the salvation

For women where the vagina no longer works fully, which is absolutely absurd, Lovegra is the salvation. Older ladies have benefited greatly from this medicine. Intimate relationships that were sinking are revived. The experiences of when they were full of life are brought back by this drug.

The effect of Lovegra 100mg

Lovegra medicinal tablets have the ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. Women become horny after taking this chemical ingredient. They can get tremendously horny as early as thirty minutes within. The effect of this drug is around 5 hours after taking it.

  • The vaginas of women become soaking wet from this pill. It has a therapeutic effect on the woman’s body which makes her relax and enjoy sex more. By taking the pill daily you are always prepared to have active sexual intercourse.
  • If you experience unexpected and unwanted side effects you should stop this medicine immediately and give a call to your family doctor. The side effects on the body varies from one individual to another.

Things you should do to prepare yourself as a woman

Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages after taking Lovegra pills that have been synthesized, as the effects of the drug may be derailed. Consume Lovegra only when you plan to have horny sex with your partner. Be careful not to eat an overly large or fatty meal before or while taking this drug. The best plan of action is to take this product before eating to ensure that it is more effective.

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It is not necessary to consult a doctor to buy Lovegra from the store. It is possible to buy it without a prescription from the doctor at a better price than the pharmacy. This means that you can buy the pills online through third parties instead of the pharmacy. One drawback to this then is that there are suspicious and shady websites that sell counterfeit or fake Lovegra pills. These can be dangerous to your health if you eat them.

Order 100mg Viagra for women from online pharmacy’s

To avoid purchasing a counterfeit pill, it is important to do proper research on the online store where you make a payment. An example of a cheap and reliable store to buy your Viagra pills is our website. We sell one of the cheapest Viagra in the world and have the best price in the world for Lovegra. You can order online from us without a prescription and we make sure that once you place an order on our website that we will discreetly and tactfully deliver the postal package to you. No one will find out that Lovegra is in the package being delivered.

Lovegra, especially for women, without prescription

So, as mentioned, there is actually a great shortage of remedies that offer a better sex experience to women who have difficulty doing so. We think this is because women have been treated as inferior in this area for too long. There is nothing available that can help women at drugstores, at Etos or at pharmacies. Even if they want to use Viagra they first have to get a prescription for this from the doctor, which is often not possible because it is a male medication.

Happily there is Lovegra, this is Viagra for women that is available completely without a prescription. Thanks to tireless efforts of researchers around the world, online pharmacies can now offer this type of drug without a prescription and make it available to all women. Not sure if Lovegra is for you? These are signs that you could use Lovegra:

  1. You have little to no desire for sex, even when you are physically attracted to your partner
  2. During foreplay you have difficulty being stimulated
  3. During penetration you feel no arousal
  4. These are indicators that your vagina does not have enough blood circulation which makes it difficult to enjoy sex. The best solution for this without a prescription is Lovegra.

Where can I buy Lovegra online?

Lovegra is not available at drugstores or a normal pharmacy, therefore many women are left with the question: where to buy this remedy? The answer to this is actually quite simple, but there is an important note here. Actually, women who want to buy this Viagra can only go to an online pharmacy that can offer Lovegra without a prescription.

  • The thing people have to watch out for is that they buy the real Lovegra, and not the fake pills. A lot of middlemen like to put a load of fake Lovegra in between their real pills during the delivery to web stores.
  • This way, the real Lovegra is not taken out of circulation.
  • This way, it almost never gets noticed. You can recognize genuine Lovegra by the indicator strip at the bottom of the package.
  • In the store of one of the pharmacies we researched, you are 100% sure that you will always get the real Lovegra. This is because we only work with brokers who buy the pills directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, take a look at the assortment of our partners and try Lovegra for yourself.

Common use of ladygra

Sexual dysfunction in women is characterized by a lack of desire, arousal, or orgasm. Lovegra helps to boost libido in women, increases sexual recall, sensitivity to stimulation, promotes extraordinary and multiple climaxes, perfect natural lubrication. It acts by increasing the required genital blood flow and vaginal compliance resulting in intensified pleasure during sexual act.

Dosage and direction

Take it orally, the effect appears in 45 minutes after intake and continues 4-6 hours. Do not exceed the recommended dose to avoid the aggravation of side effects.


This medication is effective in women younger than 50 y.o. having a hysterectomy and menopause. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before to take Lovegra.


 Do not take this drug if you are hypersensitive to it.

Possible side effect

This medication is generally well tolerated but some individuals may experience:

  • facial flushing;
  • upset stomach;
  • sensitivity to light;
  • nausea.

Seek emergency medical attention immediately if any of severe side effects occur.

Drug interaction

Lovegra was shown to potentiate the hypotensive effects of nitrates, and its administration to patients who are using organic nitrates, either regularly and/or intermittently, in any form is therefore contraindicated.

Missed dose

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember about it. If it is almost time of your next dose just skip it and return to your regular schedule.


Immediate medical attention in needed in case you overdosed intake of the medicine.


Lovegra should be stored at room temperature, between 36-86 degrees F in a closed container.

Disclaimer of liability

Pfizer is not affiliated with this site. The brand name and logos and images used are the property of Pfizer. The content of this site is for informational purposes only. We do not supply, market or ship medicines ourselves and refer you to reputable web stores on the Internet. Always consult a physician when using medicines.

On this website we do not sell any medications and refer visitors to trusted Internet providers. In this way, we save you and the best price to people many problems and you can easily and legally obtain this powerful medicine.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How does Ladygra work?

  2. What are the side effects of Ladygra?

  3. What to do if you miss a dose of Ladygra

  4. What to do if you miss a dose of Ladygra

  5. What to do if you miss a dose of Ladygra

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