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Fertility of both men and women is a very common topic that is discussed not only on the Internet, but literally everywhere. The declining birth rate, which the public associates with low fertility, is also a contributing factor. Although this problem goes beyond one gender, I will focus more on men.

For what reason? Because statistics show that it is men who meet all the risk conditions that reduce their potency and fertility. Whoever thinks that fertility pills will bring him offspring by themselves, however, is sorely mistaken.

The solution to this problem is complex and consists of various nutritional supplements or fertility drugs, as well as dietary measures and lifestyle changes. However, everything in a man starts with erection and potency, from which eventual fertility depends.

What Can Be Considered a Fertility Problem

Both men and women reach the peak of their powers, especially between the ages of 20 and 30. This interval also applies to fertility, since it is after 30 that the chances of conception decrease for both sexes in proportion to the number of sexual intercourse.

  • As for women, they are most fertile by the age of 25; for men, the threshold is pushed up a few years
  • The first signs of declining fertility appear after the age of 30, from the age of 35 there is a significant decline in fertility
  • Of course, men who do not plan to have children at that age may not even know about the fertility decline itself. They don’t have to find out how
  • Treating male Infertility through hormones like Clomid to get the the endocrine system back on track.

Generally, a fertility problem is considered to be a condition in which it is not possible to conceive an offspring even with regular sexual intercourse for more than 1 year. If this is the case for you, I recommend that you see a doctor. If this period has not yet expired, you can also help yourself with some measures and supportive means.


Fertility is defined as the ability to produce offspring. In addition to the fact that potency is a prerequisite for fertility, we must also bear in mind spermatogenesis itself, the motility of sperm and their ability to penetrate the egg.

The Options You Have to Deal With Fertility at Home

As for the options to improve your fertility without medical examination and intervention, these are quite broad. Most of them, however, consist in regimen measures regarding lifestyle, lifestyle and sex life as such.

If you are already of an older age, fertility can be helped, in particular by improving your health and taking nutritional supplements aimed mainly at improving sperm production, increasing sperm motility and improving erections in general. This is also the direction in which the vast majority of fertility pills are aimed.

Here is a brief list of options men have to increase their fertility:

  • Limit smoking, alcohol, and medications: I would keep the medications you don’t necessarily take to a minimum, and the first two things mentioned need to be limited completely.
  • Eat healthy: this means avoiding fatty, greasy and fried foods and replacing them with vegetables, fruit and lighter foods with a minimum of unhealthy fats.
  • Wear looser underwear: Try to limit wearing warm clothes when it is not necessary, as sperm do not like too high temperatures.
  • Move more and exercise: Making sure you get enough exercise and are in better physical condition is good for your health in general.
  • Get more rest and reduce stress: this advice applies especially to men who are under a lot of time or work pressure.
  • Practice sexual intercourse more often: This applies, of course, only in those cases where the erection itself is fine
  • Take vitamin supplements and special pills: I mean pills with a natural composition to support hormonal balance, improve erections and stimulate spermatogenesis.

The Principle and Effects of Fertility Pills

The fertility pills that I have had the opportunity to test can be classified into two categories. The first are those that promote fertility by substances which improving libido and potency, which is actually the first and basic prerequisite for achieving fertility as such.

The second category is pills used directly to affect ejaculate, sperm production, increase testosterone and improve sperm motility. In this case, these are preparations that are specialized precisely for these effects and, in most cases, are of a supportive nature. They cannot, therefore, be regarded as ‘medicines’, only as a form of support for the primary objective.

Several of the preparations I tested combined both categories of effects at the same time. In principle, however, these are always nutritional supplements, which basically contain only extracts and extracts of various plants, or vitamins and minerals that support fertility. The effectiveness of each such preparation is thus very individual, as there are no chemically produced substances that guarantee 100% effect.

Side Effects

One of the most common topics in relation to fertility pills is also possible side effects. I myself have not had any experience with them while taking them, as they have not occurred for me. Generally with this type of product, side effects are extremely rare.

Male fertility Pills

The fertility pills for men Increasing the amount of bioavailable testosterone and decrease the amount of estradiol (a form of estrogen). Often men are using the erection pills because their benefit has much in common to increase the estrogen level.

Female fertility Pills

Women use Gestanin Allylestrenol which creates conditions for the development of a fertilized egg, and contributes to the preservation of pregnancy. It stimulates the secretory phase in the myometrium and normalizes the function of the placenta. Estrace is also used to stimulate the fertility for women to treat the symptoms of menopause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I get into the individual pills and my experience with them, I’d like to answer a few questions that I’m sure you’d like to ask right now. My answers are based on many years of experience and knowledge in this subject.

  1. Are Fertility Pills Safe?

    Yes, even though the pills are over-the-counter, you don't have to worry about taking any “quack” preparations. These are nutritional supplements that must comply with the legislative conditions and that are, moreover, checked in laboratories to test their composition and the presence of substances that they should and should not contain.

  2. Who Are and Who Are Not Such Pills for?

    These preparations are intended for men who have a problem with erection, potency or fertility as such. However, they are not intended for men suffering from complete erectile dysfunction or for men who have been trying to conceive with their partner for a long period of time and have an apparently more serious medical problem.

  3. I Would Like to Buy Some. Where Can I Find Them?

    Probably the first option that came to my mind is the pharmacy. Personally, however, I don't prefer this style, on the contrary, I try to order the product directly from the manufacturer or official distributor. This way you get the best price, and ordering is most often done online. So it's convenient and easy at the same time.

  4. What if the Pills Don't Help Me?

    I myself can't promise you that a particular brand of tablets will work 100% for you. Even their manufacturers do not give a similar guarantee, and believe me, they try to use very creative slogans in their advertising. If the pills do not help you, I recommend you to contact the doctor who can help you best.

  5. Is It Enough to Just Take the Pills, or Do You Need to Do Something Else as Well?

    Here my answer is very simple: it is not enough. Above, I have mentioned measures and solutions that you can also do at home. I definitely recommend that in addition to taking the pills, you should also change your lifestyle, your diet and the overall functioning of your body.

Pills I’ve Tried and My Experience With Them

One thing I have learned in testing and trying fertility and potency pills is that you don’t need to believe everything the manufacturers say about their product. Dozens of different pills have beautiful packaging, but their effectiveness is no better than that of lesser-known brands.

Among all the products, I was most impressed by the 8 tablets designed to improve erections, increase libido and improve fertility in terms of better quality potency. Each brand differs in something and that’s a good thing, as fertility support is a matter of multiple factors.

Time Needed : 00 days 00 hours 05 minutes

Before I get to them, I would like to advise you on the following:

  1. Focus

    Focus on improving intercourse itself.

  2. Know Your Brand

    Don't buy any anonymous brands, find out as much as you can about the pills.

  3. Proper Dosage

    Do not expect effects immediately, it takes time and you need to be more patient adhere to the dosage and use according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Seek Doctor's Help

    Do not consider these pills as a substitute for professional treatment, there are cases when only and only a doctor will help.

And now let’s go to the list of those tablets with which I have my own experience and which I have also reviewed:

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