Prolongation of Erection

I read somewhere that the average length of an erection during intercourse for most couples abroad does not exceed 7 minutes. It may seem low at first glance, but I think that if we count only the actual time of sexual intercourse with a Prolongation of Erection we would get to such a number even in the UK.

If I were to evaluate my own experience, I would have to divide it into two periods. The first was before I started working on improving my potency. Back then, sex normally lasted much less for me, I would guess about 3 to 4 minutes.

But as soon as I focused on improving some factors and changed a few things in my life, I felt a noticeable improvement in this condition and an increase in the length of a full and quality erection. Want to know what helped me the most?

Short Erection: Definition, Meaning and Functioning

Erection as a state of hardening of the penis is defined by several different descriptions. Basically, however, it is the hardening of the male sex organ to such an extent that the man can penetrate the vagina and perform fertilization.

  • Although there is no precise definition of a short erection, it is possible to compare the average values with those that occur in men with too short erections.
  • Several surveys show that the average erection time is commonly around 7 minutes
  • Men who have a problem with erection flaccidity or erection dysfunction much earlier than this time have too short an erection

Too short erection is characterized in particular by the fact that the erection is not very firm from the moment of stopping. Some men even have a problem not only with the prolongation of erection, but also with premature ejaculation of semen, i.e. with too fast ejaculation. There may even be a disorder of insufficient blood supply to the genital organ.

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In a healthy average man, an erection should work as follows:

  • On the basis of a visual stimulus, the beginning of penile hardening occurs
  • After one or two minutes, the penis is filled with blood and an erection occurs
  • Until the moment of sexual satisfaction in the form of orgasm or until the moment of erection flaccidity as a result of conscious intervention, the hardening is maximal

If you are experiencing a problem with this mechanism, it is more than likely that you are suffering from a short erection. The same is true if you ejaculate within minutes or even seconds, even without direct sexual stimulation. Sometimes, however, the problem can be too ambiguous, and that’s when it’s also harder to spot.

Individual Assessment

I would like to point out that despite the above described time data, you should also be guided by your subjective feeling or the opinion of your partner. For someone the erection may be short, for another “just right”.

What Problems With Short Erections Occur and What Are Their Symptoms

Erection prolongation is mainly sought by men because of two cases: if the erection is not hard enough or if it is too short due to rapid ejaculation. These are two different problems that can cause a short erection and need to be addressed in a different way.

Let’s look at both issues in a little more detail:

  • Insufficiently firm erection: men with this problem have the feeling that their erection is not at an optimal level from the very beginning of the erection. Even if an erection does occur, their penis will not stay erect for more than a few minutes, and then sagging occurs. Although they do not achieve a state of complete erection, it is not at all satisfactory.
  • The typical manifestation is the repetition of this situation he erection improves, but the flaccidity reappears after a few minutes.
  • Too fast ejaculation: the second condition that can make an erection too short is climaxing too quickly. While this is a separate problem, it is also one of the common causes or one of the accompanying factors.

I’ll say right here that this is a fairly complex condition that a lot of men really struggle with. I will also address this problem in a separate section where I will discuss its causes and possible solutions in more detail. It is also not to be forgotten about the situation if rapid ejaculation is combined with an insufficiently firm erection.

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Causes of Short Erection Problems

Depending on which of the above two conditions is involved, the causes and triggering factors differ. Therefore, I will divide the causes of short erections just according to the above two cases and discuss them separately:

If it is a rapid flaccidity of a previously firm erection, one can look for it:

  • Insufficient blood supply to the penis: One of the most common factors influencing premature erectile dysfunction is insufficient blood supply to the glans penis. Initially, blood may get into the penis, but it stays there only for a relatively short time and then most of it leaves. The problem may be in the corpora lutea and their improper functioning.
  • Testosterone deficiency: The second possibility is related to a lower libido, due to which sexual arousal and thus penile erection occurs initially, but after some time the libido fades and this brings with it the cessation of full erection. The most common cause of lack of libido in this case is a low level of the hormone testosterone.
  • Poor lifestyle: Lack of rest, poor diet, excessive physical or mental fatigue are all factors related to poor lifestyle and poor diet. For many men, this then manifests itself in weakened erections.

If it is a case of climaxing too quickly, the causes may be as follows:

  • Prolonged sexual abstinence: ejaculating too quickly is typical of either men with little sexual experience or those who have had a prolonged period of sexual abstinence. In this case, the man is much more sensitive to arousal and may already come to orgasm after a relatively short time of intercourse.
  • Psychological factors: Problems with premature or even late ejaculation can stem from psychological causes. Nervousness, mental imbalance, fear of failure, awareness of previous negative experiences can all trigger premature climax in a man.
  • Muscle wasting: the muscles located in the pelvic area are also responsible for both erection and ejaculation. The weakening of these muscles, also called PC muscles or pub coccygeal muscles, reduces the conscious control, for example, to hold back and delay ejaculation when the man already feels that climax is imminent.

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Common Factor

One common factor that can be involved in either type of short erection problem is stress. If this is the case for you, try to calm down beforehand, don’t rush anywhere, and tell your partner to help lure you into a calmer atmosphere for mutual lovemaking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Problems With Too Short Erection

Now I can imagine how many things you would like to ask. So I decided to look at the questions that men with this kind of problem ask the most and I looked them up on the internet. Here are the 5 most common ones with my answers:

  1. Who Is Most Affected by Short Erection Problems?

    The group most at risk are men over the age of 40 and those with more strenuous mental or physical work. However, it cannot be said that there is only one particular group that struggles the most with insufficiently long erections.

  2. What if It Only Happens to Me Sometimes, Does It Still Need to Be Addressed?

    I'm sure it is, although I wouldn't panic if I were you. If you haven't had sex in a while, ejaculating too quickly is normal. If you've had a hard day, erection hardness problems may also occur. But definitely don't underestimate it if it happens again.

  3. Alcohol to Prolong and Improve Erections. Yes or No?

    I personally always and everywhere say that alcohol is the enemy of erection. On the other hand, for example, to slightly relieve tension, relieve stress and fears of failure, or even to slightly increase sexual arousal, a glass of wine occasionally can't hurt.

  4. Don't I Need Prescription Pills Instead?

    To begin with, I would like to start with the remedies and preparations that you can use without depending on a doctor's prescription. Most men really only need to change a few things and engage in some regimen more regularly, or combine this with over-the-counter pills with natural ingredients. Only then, if conventional pills don't help, you can try the prescription ones.

  5. Nothing I Do at Home “on My Own” Helps Me. What Now?

    If, despite all the measures taken, changes or even after prolonged use of various specialized over-the-counter preparations, there are no visible changes, I recommend that you see a doctor. In this case, the causes of your problem are of a much more serious nature.

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How Erection Prolonging Pills Work and Why I Recommend Them

Erection prolonging pills, whether in terms of improving hardening or delaying orgasm, are not a “panacea”, but they can be a very positive “dope” for men. If you combine them with other solutions, you can expect to see a visible change.

And why do I think pills are the best form?

  • Their use and dosage is simple. You can take them either just before intercourse or regularly every day.

The tablets just need to be taken with water, I personally recommend taking them in the morning or in the evening before a meal. Of course, always follow the instructions on the package leaflet as well. For optimal results you should try one brand of tablets for at least 1 month, I have mostly tested preparations for at least 2 months.

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With the pills that I recommend, you have the following extra benefits

  • You buy them without a prescription, which means you don’t have to see a doctor or undergo any medical examination beforehand
  • You are not at risk of any side effects while taking them, thanks to the natural composition, which is as natural as possible for the human body
  • You have a wide choice of brands and types, for example, you can buy pills not only to prolong the erection period, but also to stimulate sexual libido

Pills for prolonging erections act in three areas:

  • Improve erection strength: Supporting the blood vessels and their blood supply in the penis ensures better quality erection and firmer erections.
  • They allow you to maintain an erection without climaxing for longer: Thanks to the composition of the tablets, it is possible to expect both a firmer erection and its maintenance for a longer period of time without premature ejaculation.
  • They support libido: Most of the pills I’ve tried to prolong my erection also contain substances that support an increase in the appetite for sex, i.e. libido.

Don’t Expect Miracles Right Away

Several manufacturers of erection prolonging tablets will promise you that even a single use just before intercourse can bring you visible results. However, it has been my personal experience that such a thing is only possible with prolonged use.

Pills I’ve tried and my experience with them

Let’s now take a look together at those pills that can help you to a longer and better quality erection and delay too fast ejaculation. All of them that I will mention below, I have personally tested and have my own experience with them. Some work better, with others you have to wait for a longer time for the result.

But in any case, among the dozens of different brands on the market, the following are the best. I recommend checking out their detailed reviews and trying out the ones you like best.

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