Penis Disorders

The penis is the alpha and omega of the male reproductive system and the center of attention. But at the same time, as the centerpiece, it is also the most important for potency and fertility, which makes any penis disorders related to it a serious problem for the man. I’m not talking about any “cosmetic” things here, but important changes.

Medically, a dozen different diseases or disorders can affect the sex organ. Since I do not set myself the task of reporting on all of them, I have focused only on the most important ones that directly affect potency and fertility.

Most men are affected by two problems, or if you want two types of disorders. The first concerns the bridle, which is a very erogenous zone, the second touches the glans. From the point of view of potency, both problems are very closely intertwined with the disorder of ejaculating too early as well.

Short Bridle

Too short bridle is a very common reason especially for premature ejaculation, but it also causes other problems. It is a penis disorders of the physiology of the bridle, the purpose of which is to facilitate the withdrawal of the foreskin from the glans. However, if it does not work properly, withdrawal becomes difficult.

  • The shortened bridle is most often due to congenital underdevelopment, but in some cases it can also be a problem acquired by the gradual scarring of the original cracks

Due to the complexity of this fault the solutions are quite limited:

  • Conservative treatment may be tried initially, which consists in reducing the strength or integrity of the bridle
  • For conservative treatment, creams containing hormones from the corticosteroid group are used
  • If conservative treatment fails and does not produce an effect, surgical intervention follows
  • The simplest procedure is to break the bridle completely
  • The more complicated one is to lengthen it using frenuloplasty, which is a procedure belonging to plastic surgery
  • Both procedures are performed under partial anesthesia

Short bridle troubles a considerable number of men, although it is a rather rare problem. Sometimes it can also be associated with constriction of the foreskin, in which case circumcision must be performed. You can read more in a comprehensive article I wrote on the short bridle. As a support, for example for associated premature ejaculation, taking some tablets can also be tried:

Sensitive Acorn

The second problem that bothers men is an overly sensitive glans. This disorder is most often manifested by a burning sensation, mild pain, itching or redness of the skin. This is a rather rare problem anyway, according to statistics, less than 3% of men suffer from it.

  • The most common reason for hypersensitivity is improper hygiene and the use of inappropriate underwear, inappropriate cosmetics, or the result of circumcision

As far as the solution options are concerned, they always depend on the provoking cause:

  • To begin with, regimen measures are tried, for example, changing the underwear,
  • The choice of the appropriate drugstore
  • Detergent or fabric softener is also important
  • Gels and creams are used for temporary numbing

if the problem is physiological, it needs to be eliminated by professional treatment

  • for infections and inflammations, conservative antibiotic treatment is deployed
  • if the problem is associated with a short bridle, it must first be addressed
  • if sexual inexperience is behind the sensitivity, it is only a temporary problem

Of course, not every sensitivity problem is automatically a penis disorders or a more serious condition. Since this topic is quite complex and complicated, you can read more in the detailed article about what symptoms, reasons and solutions a sensitive glans has. Pills to promote proper and healthy erection and ejaculation, such as these brands, can also be part of the regimen:

Regardless of which of the above problems is bothering you, I want to emphasize that everything can be solved, provided that the malfunction and its causes are detected early. Do not underestimate even the smallest signs, symptoms and warning signs, as this will mean a worse prognosis when dealing with the problem as naturally as possible. And that must be the point in the first place!

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