Not only ladies, but also gentlemen go through a period of transition and more significant hormonal changes. Andropause in men may be less well known than its twin, menopause in women, but it is nevertheless a period of life that needs to be given due attention. It is typical of this age that both the physiology and psyche of men change.

The duration of this period as well as the intensity of its various manifestations is different for each man. It is true that although andropause is not a disease, its solution is very similar to what is called symptomatic treatment.

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Of course, you don’t have to worry, I’m not going to ban alcohol or advise you to go on drastic diets or other such changes. However, a few lifestyle measures will certainly be necessary.

What Is Andropause

Andropause is a period of male transition associated with a decline in the production and levels of the hormone testosterone. Although there is no single definition and Wikipedia should not be taken as a coin of faith in this case, the above sentence is probably the best possible definition.

  • Unlike menopause in women, the decline in testosterone during andropause is not as pronounced and therefore this period lasts much longer
  • Testosterone levels begin to gradually decline from the age of 30, and the first signs of andropause can appear 20 years later in extreme cases
  • Generally, the age of 40 is considered to be the turning point for a man

It is the reduction of testosterone levels that is considered the most important aspect of the whole transition in men. This hormone influences a large number of aspects of life, and unlike in women, in men it is a situation where testosterone is absolutely dominant and at the same time the only significant sex hormone. This brings with it wider problems that occur when it is reduced.

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  • Libido and appetite for sex
  • Length of sexual intercourse

The hormone acts in several areas:

  • It is responsible for sexual life and health of the reproductive system, it is involved, for example, in sexual appetite, affects fertility and has an indirect effect on erections
  • It is important for the physiology of the male body, as it affects the secondary sexual characteristics, i.e. body hair, body structure and muscle mass
  • It also affects the psyche, it provides men with enough vitality, competitiveness, energy, stabilizes the mood, influences behavior and gives men the necessary “drive”.

Of course, andropause itself is nothing negative, it is a natural part of life. However, the decline in testosterone brings with it a number of negative phenomena, the intensity of which can be different for each man. Regardless of these circumstances, however, you should certainly not ignore this condition, on the contrary, the sooner you start to deal with it, the easier it will be.

As far as andropause is concerned, it is good to know a few more interesting data:

  • The decline in testosterone is not a one-time thing, it can gradually decrease over two decades and even by several tens of percentages
  • The decline in testosterone itself can also trigger various diseases of a vascular nature, skeletal system and especially problems in the sexual sphere
  • About half of the men have to take hormone injection therapy, since they have experienced a significant decline in testosterone in the blood
  • The most intense manifestations of andropause are mostly after the age of 50, but men over 40 should regularly undergo check-ups with an andrologist.

Female Menopause

Andropause is the counterpart of menopause, which is a period of transition in women. It is also manifested by changes in hormonal levels, I would even say that many of the symptoms are also very similar. If this phenomenon is concerned, I have dedicated a separate article to it on the topic of menopause, where you will learn all the essentials.

The Course of Andropause

As for the course of andropause, this condition does not come out of the blue and its course is longer term. Unlike the female menopause, the male menopause does not have such distinctly different phases, but since andropause can last for several years, the symptoms associated with it come on gradually.

This is the most common progression of individual symptoms by age:

  • From 30 to 40 years of age: In this period, there is already a gradual decline in testosterone production and levels, but this may not yet bring any visible changes. If so, changes in the sexual sphere most often occur.
  • From age 40 to 50: This period is the most risky, both because the decline in testosterone is already more pronounced, but also because many men ignore the first signs related to physical fitness and mental vitality, thus worsening the course of andropause.
  • After the age of 50: In this period, andropause manifests itself to the fullest. There are problems in sexual life, visibly reduced physical performance appears, men may become depressed and frustrated, the first signs of diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system appear. Testosterone levels are at a minimum.

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  • Libido and appetite for sex
  • Length of sexual intercourse

Symptoms, Problems and Disorders Associated With Andropause

Andropause has a large number of manifestations and symptoms. Some are more noticeable, others less so, others can also cause associated problems and disruptions in everyday life. In principle, however, unlike women, many of these symptoms are taken by men and society as a natural part of ageing and so are not made too big a deal.

These are the most common symptoms and problems in andropausal men:

  • Decreased libido: What men deal with probably the most right at the onset of andropause is a decreased sex drive, or decreased libido. This problem is directly related to hormonal changes and the decline in testosterone levels and is most obvious. It is most often manifested by a decrease in interest in physical and sexual contact.
  • Problems with the quality of sexual intercourse: In addition to libido, the quality of sex life as a whole also declines. Erectile problems may occur, although these may not be directly related to testosterone. However, men may find it difficult to achieve orgasm multiple times in a row, for example, and the time taken to achieve an erection again is also prolonged.
  • Psyche and problems with it: another typical category of problem symptoms is psychological problems. Men are more likely to suffer from depression, feelings of sadness, irritability, mood deterioration and even mood is unstable, changing very frequently. There can also be feelings of frustration, and sometimes a great desire to change and start something new.
  • Decreased performance: not only mental but also physical performance of a man decreases during andropause. Lack of energy, lower vitality, increased fatigue, rapid fatigue during physical activity. There is also weight gain and, conversely, loss of muscle, which is also related to the change in physique. All this is typical for the male transition period.
  • Sleep problems: Difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking, gradually waking up too early in the morning with increasing age. These symptoms are not so much related to testosterone as to levels of melatonin, the so-called sleep hormone. Its production also declines with increasing age, and sleep is less restful and less restorative.

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  • Skin and hair problems: A concomitant phenomenon of andropause, especially in older age, is the gradual loss of body hair, skin quality problems and also hair loss. The man sweats excessively and the skin becomes drier. This is basically the opposite process to what occurs during adolescence, which is directly related to the hormonal level of testosterone.
  • Bone thinning: one of the other common features of menopause and andropause is bone thinning. This is manifested by osteoporosis and, in older age, increased brittleness. This is why it is recommended to take in more minerals during andropause, especially calcium, which has a positive effect on this process.
  • Other signs and symptoms: male andropause can be accompanied by cognitive impairment, such as impaired memory and concentration, loss of interest in one’s surroundings, poorer fitness, joint pain, muscle aches and pains, or a decline in overall vitality. In many cases, however, these are also processes related not only to testosterone decline, but to old age in general.

Hidden Problems From Testosterone Deficiency

We should not forget about some hidden problems that can surface suddenly and without warning due to the decrease in testosterone levels. For example, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, a decrease in protein production or a disorder in the production of red blood cells.

Treatment and Support

Probably the most well-known treatment option for andropause in men is hormone replacement therapy. This can be administered in oral form, which is a medication with regular dosing, or in injectable form, where the injectable is administered, for example, once every three months.

*To complement the professional treatment of andropause, it is possible to try several regimen measures as well as supportive preparations of a natural nature, which have a stimulating effect on the body

Time Needed : 60 days 00 hours 00 minutes

One of the worst options is to ignore the problem and the accompanying manifestations. You also need to be careful about what you do and what supportive drugs you take, so that after a while you do not see enough progress and resign yourself to further progress. A combination of action on both testosterone and negative symptoms is best.

In principle, I therefore recommend the following measures and procedures:

  1. Exercise

    Since testosterone is related to movement, it is important to focus on regular movement and exercise, and it is optimal to exercise purposefully at a higher intensity, for a shorter period of time and more often.

  2. Take Rest

    In addition to physical activity, you should also take rest, not only during the day, but especially at night, at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep should be essential

  3. Stop Smoking

    You should immediately forget about smoking, now is the right opportunity

  4. Limit Alcohol Consumption

    As for alcohol consumption, it is advisable to limit it, the healthiest option is to have a glass of wine every once in a while

  5. Avoid Stress

    Be sure to avoid stress, it increases cortisol, which directly counteracts testosteroneu003cbru003eregular sex is the best prevention of sexual problems

  6. Proper Diet

    Changing your diet, you should consume more fruit and vegetables in order to take in vitamins and minerals, don't be afraid of carbohydrates and healthy fast carbs

  7. Avoid Soya Products

    Avoid soya and soya products, flaxseeds and solidified fats on the contrary nature has given men a powerful weapon in the form of plants and herbs that stimulate testosterone production, for example, you can buy dried aphrodisiac plants and make tea from them at home

Frequently Asked Questions About Andropause

Although andropause is not nearly as well known in the public domain as menopause, there is also quite a lot of interest in this topic. As a result, there is a large number of questions from men, but also from their wives, for example. I have gone through several internet forums and discussion posts to collect the ones that men ask most often. I will now append my own answers to them:

  1. Are Andropause and the So-called Midlife Crisis the Same Thing?

    The second name is popular especially in the media, but it may not be the same. While andropause can occur even just after the age of 40, the so-called midlife crisis can manifest itself 10 years later. So they are not necessarily the same thing, although they may be related. Most of the time, however, midlife crisis is a name for situations related to the psyche and not hormones.

  2. Is Andropause Related to Libido or Erectile Dysfunction?

    Andropause is accompanied by a decrease in libido, i.e. the man has a lower sex drive and a lower appetite for sex. However, it may not be the rule that erection problems also occur, depending on the health condition. The mechanism of formation and maintenance of during andropause.

  3. Is It Possible to Diagnose Andropause?

    Unlike in women, in men the symptoms accompanying andropause are not as visible and are sometimes considered a natural part of ageing. Nevertheless, andropause can be identified by age and the presence of certain symptoms. The most reliable diagnosis is the examination of testosterone in the blood, where its decline is demonstrated.

  4. Is Hormone Therapy Really the Only Option?

    While this may have been true in the past, today the situation is vastly different and there are many more options to help yourself during andropause. However, it is still true that in the most severe cases, medical treatment with hormone replacement is the most effective. On the other hand, I also have good experience with over-the-counter testosterone boosting pills.

  5. Do I Have Any Guarantee of Effects with pills without perception?

    The pills I mentioned are a boost for the testosterone support and for the manifestations and symptoms of andropause. Since these preparations do not have synthetic substances from the category of pharmaceuticals, the intensity of their effect may not be the same in every man. My experience with these preparations has been positive and I am not alone in this.

How Andropause Pills Work and Why I Recommend Them

If we talk about the decline of testosterone as one of the most important moments of the entire male transition, I must not forget about the possibilities of increasing this hormone with the help of tablets. So it is about supporting the course of andropause and in a very natural way.

The pills work on the following principle:

  • The active ingredients found here consist mostly of plant extracts or minerals and vitamins that support the natural stimulation of testosterone in a man

Thanks to their composition, preparations have a stimulating effect on the hormonal system and, for example, on specific gonadotropic hormones that are responsible for the production of testosterone. In the content can be found extracts of plants such as Tribulus Terrestris or Fenugreek, there are also minerals such as Magnesium and Zinc, or vitamins of group B, C and D.

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  • Length of sexual intercourse

Thanks to such a composition, the pills have several pluses:

  • You can buy them freely and without the need for a medical examination, prescription or prescription, as they are over-the-counter preparations, as they do not contain any synthetic substances, but only purely natural ingredients, their use is hassle-free even in terms of the occurrence of side effects
  • Many manufacturers of the best brands offer the possibility of refunding money to those men who are not satisfied with the effects, which means minimal risk

But I would like to point out that there are quite a few preparations on the market designed to boost testosterone. Several are purely for athletes, so these may not help you that comprehensively. So choose with caution those brands that are designed for men in transition.

The Effects Are Not on Hold

The basis for success is regular use over a long period of time. I myself recommend taking one type of tablets for at least 3 months, as my own experience tells me that these preparations have a gradually increasing effect just during the second and third month of use.

Pills I’ve Tried and My Experience With Them

I am at home in the of various support preparations. For me, andropause has not yet occurred, but on the other hand, I already had problems with testosterone deficiency and I decided to solve them with the help of tablets with plant extracts. I have to say that I was extremely satisfied!

Understandably, not everything you find on the market will actually perform as the manufacturer declares. In short, some brands are weaker in practice, there is nothing you can do about it. However, you can choose the better quality ones. In this table are the ones that have worked best for me:

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