Pills to Increase Libido in Men

Do you feel like you don’t even feel like making love anymore? Has it been so long since you’ve been intimate with your partner that you can’t actually remember when it was? And worst of all, you don’t even really miss it? If you answered yes to even one single question, you most likely have a libido problem.

Low or insufficient sexual libido is not uncommon nowadays. On the contrary, all external factors are tending to make the appetite for lovemaking in both men and women increasingly lower. I’ve been through it myself, so I know exactly what the problem is.

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The good news is that there are a number of options for increasing libido, and most of them can actually help you. Whether it’s various medications, teas, foods, or pills in the form of nutritional supplements, there are more options to address the problem than you think.

Libido: Definition, Meaning and Functioning

Before I begin to discuss possible solutions, we should probably first say what libido is, what its meaning is for men, and on what principles it works. It may seem unnecessary, but from this description you will already understand where the problem may be and where the solution may be.

  • Libido is a sexual desire or sex drive that is innate to a man.
  • Whether libido is low or high is mainly influenced by hormonal activity, but external factors also play a role
  • The point of libido is to increase sex drive and encourage a man or woman to have sexual intercourse

If your libido is fine, you experience sexual desire at regular intervals. If your libido is too high, these intervals are short, and traditionally, young men in particular have a high sex drive. Conversely, low libido is typical of middle-aged and older men and is responsible for a “lack of interest” in sex life.

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As such, the libido represents a basic life instinct and functions roughly as follows

If the level of the hormone testosterone is not sufficient, this will also manifest itself in sexual appetite. This means disinterest in sexual intercourse and insufficient responses to sexual stimulation. Of course, it is not only the testosterone level that affects whether you are “horny” or not, but it is quite a significant factor.

Not Only Men, but Also Women

You may have guessed it from the above sentences, but libido is not at all tightly bound to the male sex. Women too can suffer from a lack of it, which manifests itself very similarly to men. For them, however, psychological factors play a greater role.

What Problems Occur With the Libido and What Are Their Symptoms

In connection with the libido in men one can speak in principle of two conditions. The first is characterized by a lower libido, i.e. a lower interest in sex. The second is a complete absence of sexual desire. To distinguish between these two conditions is difficult at first sight.

So let’s see how they manifest themselves and what makes them typical:

  • Decreased libido: Decreased libido is typical especially in the early stages of this problem, when there is a gradual decline in the hormone testosterone, or the initial appearance of other factors that affect it. Many people underestimate this first stage as the symptoms are not so visible.

    However, the problem remains in the second stage, when there is a permanent decrease in interest in sexual intercourse. The reduced libido also affects the practical lifestyle of the man, who gradually cools down his sexual contact with his partner to only the necessary minimum. From time to time there is a short-term improvement in the condition, but in the long term the situation is unchanged.

    As for sexual contact, it becomes routine, unimaginative, mechanical, impersonal. But it still happens from time to time.
  • Absence of libido: The absence of libido comes gradually in the vast majority of cases. It is more or less a continuation of a previous condition that went unnoticed and unaddressed. The consequence is many times the breakdown of the partner relationship, as the partner loses absolutely all interest in contact with his partner.

    The absence of libido manifests itself quite easily and, unlike the first mentioned condition, quite visibly. A man is simply not interested at all in sexual contact, and not only with his partner, but with anyone else. In the same way, the need to masturbate, for example, disappears completely in the case of prolonged partner sexual abstinence.

    In the absence of libido, there is even a loss of interest in physical contact in general, the man is usually gradually not interested in any contact with his partner.

Causes of men and their Libido Problems

There are several factors behind low libido in men. Some affect the level of testosterone, others affect the psychological processes or physiological capabilities of the organism. Several causes are even part of a “vicious circle” because they are both a consequence and an effect at the same time.

These are the most common causes of libido problems for men:

  • Diseases: whether it is a mental illness like depression or physiological diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous or other systems, such serious conditions can reduce the libido of really any man. Unless it is a serious illness, it is only a temporary condition, but if the illness is chronic, it will not increase libido on its own.
  • Medication: several types of medication cause problems with concentration, increased fatigue or the proper functioning of the central nervous system in men, for example. This can result in an inadequate response to sexual stimulation, usually a dampening of it. This is typically how, for example, antidepressants work.
  • Low testosterone: Testosterone is the alpha and omega for a man not only in terms of sexual desire, but also in terms of hormonal balance. If it is deficient, regardless of the cause, this will manifest itself, for example, by affecting secondary sexual characteristics. This problem needs to be addressed regardless of the impact on libido.
  • Addictions to addictive substances: alcohol, smoking, drugs, all these are enemies not only of a healthy organism, but especially of erection and libido. This factor causes most problems with potency and fertility in men, not excluding sexual desire. I personally try to abstain completely and I would recommend this to any man who wants to be sexually active.
  • Mental problems: I have already mentioned something above, but I would like to add an important piece of information regarding the psyche. Even ordinary anxiety, irritation or fear can upset the psyche of many men so much that they are unable to concentrate on the sexual act or, on the contrary, to relax sufficiently.
  • Bad lifestyle: You work a lot, you don’t get enough rest, you eat unhealthy and irregularly, you try to resist stress. If this is the case, you are well on your way to a complete absence of any sexual desire. Poor lifestyle, lack of rest and not spending enough time with your partner are extremely risk factors for libido problems.

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Routine in partner and sex life is a good example of cause and effect at the same time. If you lack imagination in sex, you will soon stop enjoying sexual contact as such. If it does happen, it is as if “lifeless”. Have you found yourself in it?

How to Improve Libido

There are several options to improve your sex drive. If behind the lower libido is, for example, a disturbance in the hormonal balance due to some disease, it is necessary to address it primarily. If this cause “falls off”, you need to take a number of regimen measures.

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But let's take a step-by-step look at what solution options you have:

  1. Food and food

    Exactly, a change in diet can do really big wonders. In addition to eating healthier, there are a number of foods that stimulate your sex drive. I personally, and based on my own experience, recommend bananas, chili, seafood like oysters and the like, whipped cream and red wine. Yes, I mentioned that I don't drink alcohol, but you can make an exception from time to time. If you don't overdo it, wine can relax the mind and increase passion!

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    Strawberries, almonds and avocados, for example, also help to increase libido. This is mainly because they contain zinc, selenium, vitamin E and B vitamins. These substances have stimulating effects on sexual vitality not only in men but also in women.

  2. Increase testosterone

    If the previous two things don't help, the focus should be on increasing testosterone. A very simple way is to buy, for example, a special tea that helps stimulate its level. Likewise, a great stimulator of hormones in the body is movement, I personally prefer running. It also releases “happiness hormones” or endorphins.

  3. Lifestyle and stress

    The basis for increasing libido must be a reduction of stress and as few distractions to the psyche as possible. These can include, for example, an excessive workload or lack of sleep. It is also very important to avoid smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and also excessive physical activity.

    Try to think more relaxed, positive, avoid depression and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Treat yourself to massages or acupuncture, for example, they are very relaxing.

  4. Natural supplements and pills to increase libido

    If you are looking for a faster way, I recommend “doping” in the form of natural products. This can be various oils, herbal teas or the simplest possible form: pills. These contain extracts and extracts of various active plants and herbs that fall into the category of natural aphrodisiacs and are literally the “starter” of most men's libido.

  5. Treatment of the provoking disease

    First and foremost, you should focus on resolving the illnesses that are troubling you. Of course, you will get over the flu, but cardiovascular, mental or nervous illnesses certainly will not. Likewise, metabolic problems, especially overweight and obesity, will not resolve themselves. In this case, I recommend medical supervision.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Libido Problems

Low libido or the complete absence of it affects your whole life. Therefore, many men ask about some other issues related to this problem besides the libido itself. I decided to collect the most common ones and answer them based on my own experience as well.

  1. Could a Relationship Problem Be Behind Low Libido?

    Yes, it certainly can. Relationship problems naturally discourage a man from being physically affectionate towards his partner, leading either to finding a mistress or to complete sexual abstinence. The man may become accustomed to it and consequently his libido begins to wane.

  2. Is the Decline in Libido at an Older Age Natural?

    It is, as age progresses, the levels of important hormones needed to maintain a higher libido decrease in a man's body. So too do the diseases of the blood vessels that accompany the decline in libido and potency in general. However, you should not resign yourself to this.

  3. Do Various Pheromone Perfumes Help With Libido, for Example?

    Pheromones are among the substances influencing certain behavioral and physiological responses throughout nature. They are also becoming increasingly popular in the conof sexuality, but I personally would not attribute unlimited power to them. Yes, they can help, but other options need to be looked at.

  4. Does My Diet Affect My Sex Drive?

    It affects and very much. As I mentioned above, some foods have the ability to boost libido, some have the ability to “kill” it. So eat healthy and aim for a higher intake of the foods I recommended in the previous text.

  5. When Should I See a Doctor and Is It Even Necessary?

    Although most men don't think this problem needs to be addressed with a doctor, I think there is a certain threshold where you need to start thinking about this option as well. In case if none of the solutions I mentioned work and even long-term use of various nutritional supplements or pills doesn't help, you should definitely see a doctor.

How Do Libido Pills Work and Why I Recommend Them

Libido can be helped in a number of ways, but one stands out above all the rest: pills that promote an increase in libido through the natural stimulation of testosterone levels in men.

The use and dosage itself is extremely simple:

  • Most manufacturers of such tablets recommend taking it always before intercourse, usually 30 to 60 minutes.

Personally, I think it is even better if you take such pills regularly, for example, every morning or every evening. I personally have found several brands, which I have also reviewed and you can find them below.

TIP: if you are looking for pills that really work then I personally recommend the products that have given me the best results: Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) and Avanafil (Stendra)

But before that, I would like to mention why I actually prefer pills:

  • they have almost 100% effect guarantee and while using I experienced less side effects
  • they are already verified and tested, not only by the Public Health Service of the Slovak Republic, as they are controlled dietary supplements, but also by thousands of men with positive experiences
  • they are available to everyone and that’s because you can buy them without a prescription

As a rule, the pills have the following three important effects:

  • Increase libido: This is done by stimulating hormone levels, especially testosterone, thanks to the makers to let people step up their game.
  • Improve erection: this effect is achieved by improving the blood circulation and the condition of the blood vessels in the genital area.
  • Promote fertility: most pills also contain substances that have a beneficial effect on spermatogenesis, i.e. the production of sperm.

Beware of Unknown Signs

In addition to my tried and tested pills, there are also preparations on the market whose effects are negligible. If you see somewhere exaggerated promises, suspiciously low price or a completely unknown name, beware.

Pills I’ve Tried and My Experience With Them

There are currently over a dozen different brands on offer that claim to support increased libido in men. You may or may not believe them. I know from personal experience that some manufacturers you shouldn’t even trust. But do you want to know which ones you can trust?

In that case, I have prepared for you an overview of those libido support pills tested by me that really worked. In this table you will find their evaluation as well as a link to a more specific review:

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  • Faster muscle mass gain

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