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Prostate problems are becoming more and more common, and not only in men over the age of 50, but even earlier. Among the typical manifestations that occur with these problems, problems with the intensity of urination are particularly common. However, the prostate gland is also an important organ for potency, as it produces secretions important for sperm and ejaculate.

When I found out what symptoms are associated with, for example, prostate enlargement, which is the most common problem in men, I became more interested in this gland. Understandably, I also became interested in what the possible solutions were.

As a result of my search, I found special preparations that help with an enlarged prostate and are as natural as possible. This is how I came to pills designed to improve the prostate gland, but also, for example, to improve potency.

What Is the Prostate

But first, let’s talk about what the prostate is. It is a gland composed of a muscular component and glandular tissue, the purpose of which is in the secretion of a special secretion. Roughly 30 to 50 tiny glands are responsible for secreting it.

This secretion moistens the urethra before ejaculation and is also part of the ejaculate, by volume even the largest part. This prostatic secretion is important for potency and fertility, as it contains various proteins that promote the chances of fertilization of the female egg due to, for example, an increase in sperm motility.

With increasing age, but sometimes also as a result of pathological causes, some diseases of the prostate gland can occur. The three most common are prostatitis, benign enlargement of the prostate and prostate cancer.


The prostate, or prostate gland, is an unpaired glandular organ located at the muscular base of the pelvis. A spindle-shaped dilated portion of the urethra passes through the gland. The prostate gland is roughly 20 grams and grows to its final size by the age of 17.

The Options You Have for Dealing With Prostate Problems at Home

Regarding the options for dealing with and treating prostate problems, it is important to differentiate what specific disease or disorder is involved. For this, it is best to make a diagnosis that can rule out, for example, cancer, which certainly requires professional treatment.

For benign prostate enlargement or mild inflammation, you can try some regimens and supportive measures in addition to medical treatment, which is most often indicated as a first option for these problems. These serve to speed up treatment but are not intended to replace specialist treatment.

Here are the most common measures you can take at home:

  • Avoid certain foods, especially fatty meats, foods containing milk, dairy products
  • Conversely, consume more lean meat, more fish and seafood, more foods containing soy and more foods containing Zinc or Selenium
  • It is also important to limit beverages that stimulate more water to be flushed out of the body, especially alcoholic beverages, coffee or tea
  • Improving lifestyle is also essential, it is good to have more physical activity and exercise
  • Limiting medications that can make urination more difficult, for example antihistamines, allergy medications, nose drops and so on
  • Regimen measures can also help, for example trying to urinate twice, i.e. urinate as much as you can first, wait and try again in a moment
  • Pills and nutritional supplements that support the proper functioning of the urinary system and the prostate, which I’ll mention below, can also help.

The Principle and Effects of Tablets for the Prostate

One of the possible solutions to problems especially with enlarged prostate are pills. Please note, however, that by this term I do not mean medicines prescribed by your doctor, but over-the-counter preparations without a prescription.

These preparations are in the form of dietary supplements and have a natural composition. In their content you will not find any chemically and artificially produced substances, but extracts from plants and herbs. Not just any herbs, but herbs that have been known for centuries as a natural support for better functioning of the urinary tract and prostate gland.

To complement the effect, the pills are also enriched with some other substances, especially minerals and trace elements that support potency, prostate and affect spermatogenesis. These can be, for example, Zinc, Lycopene, Selenium and so on. Such a specially blended formula certainly has the potential to improve the health of your prostate.

Side Effects

Very positively, thanks to the natural composition and the absence of synthetically produced problematic substances, you do not have to worry about side effects when taking these tablets. The important thing is just to observe the correct dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Men are asking more and more questions about the prostate, but also about how to deal with its problems, for example, benign enlargement, and they are looking for more and more answers, especially from practice. Therefore, I now offer answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  1. Is the Natural Composition of the Tablets Really Enough to Improve the Prostate?

    The answer to this question depends on what situation the man is in. If it is just the beginning of a problem with a benignly enlarged prostate or if it is prevention, these preparations make sense. Their composition is natural for the body and can help. However, if it is a more serious condition, professional treatment must take place.

  2. Is Long-term Use Necessary?

    Yes, in order to feel the full effects of the tablets, you need to take them for longer. Most packs of the most well-known brands contain 60 tablets, which is enough for 60 days of use. The first results should appear after 14 to 20 days, then gradually the effect graduates. Taking it for at least 3 to 4 months is recommended, I say this also from my own experience.

  3. If the Pills Are Over-the-counter, Aren't They Less Effective?

    The fact that these types of tablets can be bought without a prescription in no way diminishes their level of quality. There are a large number of medicines that are non-prescription and help. Without a prescription, you will get pills due to the fact that they do not contain synthetic drugs, but have a natural composition. This does not degrade them in any way at all.

  4. Where to Look for the Pills and How to Buy Them?

    You can also buy several brands directly in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, but I prefer to buy online for better price and convenience. Here I recommend especially the official eshops of distributors for Slovakia, it's the best, you can also get free shipping. Definitely avoid buying through internet ads, there I would doubt the originality of the product.

  5. Could It Be That the Pills Won't Work for Me?

    Understandably, in the case of products not containing synthetic drugs, this can happen. These pills do not fall under the category of pharmaceuticals and therefore you do not have a 100% guarantee of success. However, the best brands on the market have a high success rate and this is proven by the experience of men who have taken them.

Pills I’ve Tried and My Experience With Them

Let’s now take a look at the pills that are designed to support the prostate gland and the experience with them. I myself have taken several brands of such preparations and that too for preventive effectiveness. Some were of better quality, with others the effects were below expectations.

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Buy Paroxetine Online

Before buying such preparations, I recommend to be aware of what the purpose of these tablets is and what their capabilities are. That is, these are supportive preparations with a certain degree of effect, but they cannot be a substitute for professional treatment in the case of serious conditions. However, if you combine their use with other regimen measures, the results will definitely come.

How to Know the Most Important Principles to Stick to When Making Your Choice?

But before I focus on experiences with specific brands, I'd like to point out a few principles that distinguish quality brands from low-quality ones:

  1. Know the Compositions

    First of all, you need to check the composition and make sure that the product has the necessary permits and certificates for sale in our country

  2. Know your Brand

    Beware of exaggerated claims about the effects, most of the time the manufacturer just wants to lure you to bombastic claims

  3. Pills Information

    Get as much information about the pills as possible, especially from reviews and experience, these will show the reality most of all

  4. Verified Source

    Buy pills from a verified source, preferably directly through the official shop

I have been approached by several preparations, but the following brands of prostate tablets have had the best effects for me. Here they are also with the rating:

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