Libido Women | How to Increase Your Libido?

It is not only common in men, women can also suffer from low libido. In women, libido also depends on a number of factors. If the libido is low then you can say that you have no desire for sex. Research has shown that 20% of women sometimes have no desire for sex. Psychological or relationship problems can often lead to a poor sex life for both partners. Some people claim that women are less likely to feel like sex than men. In most cases, your partner or yourself will notice best if your libido is low, lower than in the average relationship.

Most women really do not feel like sex with their partner at some point. It could be that the woman has had a rough day at some point and she doesn’t feel like sex. Then there is no problem, this is just human. But if the woman suffers from this for a longer period of time then it could be that the libido is too low. This can be both a physical and psychological problem.

Many women only feel like sex when they are really horny. This is difficult when you are tired and exhausted. Then changes in your sex life might make a big difference. Maybe a sex toy will help or a new lingerie set. These are all aspects that can make your sex life interesting again.

Causes lowered libido woman

Before discussing how to increase a woman’s libido, it is important to determine the causes of a decreased libido. The causes vary and are often a combination of different aspects. The most common causes of a lowered libido can be broken down into the following:

  • (Relational) problems with your partner, suppressing the desire for sex with each other.
  • Fatigue and sleep problems cause you to have less desire in the evening, as sleep takes over.
  • Following stress often suppresses mental functions, so with this also the libido.
  • Uncertainty about yourself can make you feel uncomfortable, thus lowering sexual desire.
  • Unpleasant thoughts when having sexual stimulation can be counterproductive.
  • Hormonal imbalance in women can cause there to be less testosterone causing the libido to be lowered.
  • Pregnancy can stimulate libido, but in most cases suppress it.
  • Traumatic events often cause the desire for sexual advances to be suppressed.
  • Medication use can affect the hormones in a woman’s body.

Libido increase woman

Increasing libido in women can be done in a variety of ways. From masturbation to a supplement to support your libido, and from a positive self-image to watching erotic videos’s. The twelve most effective ways to increase your libido as a woman are described below.

1. Make it discussable

It is important that if you experience a lowered libido in a relationship, to discuss it with your (bed) partner. This can reduce the uncertainty and unpleasant thoughts of having sexual intercourse. Although it may not be easy to immediately discuss everything, this step-by-step can provide a relief.

2. Positive self-image

Before a woman’s libido can actually be increased, it is important that a positive self-image is created in the longer term. This ensures that any insecurities are removed, which increases the desire for sex. A way to create a positive self-image is by being less strict with yourself and by accepting who you are.

3. Masturbation

By simply having sex with yourself in the form of masturbation, you arouse your inner sexual desire. The hormone testosterone that regulates libido is produced at that time, which automatically increases the libido.

4. Discover yourself

In addition to increasing a woman’s libido, through the influence of the testosterone hormone, masturbation also gives you the opportunity to discover yourself sexually. In this way you can discover your own body and find out what you experience as pleasant and possibly as less pleasant. The same applies when you have sex with your partner (bed).

5.Remedy for libido increase woman

An addition of a drug to support libido is effective for a woman. For example, the drug Lovegra or Viagra for women is specifically designed to support sexual desire. In addition, the product is 100% natural and therefore has no negative side effects on health. 

Everyone knows that for men erection pills can be purchased. But not many people know that they have these kinds of pills for women as well. This libido pill can help you regain the desire to have sex with your partner. It is said that this pill a not work the same as an erection pill for a man. This libido pill for women will make a woman feel like sex once every two months. This will not be a solution for everyone so fortunately there are plenty of other solutions to this problem.

Not every woman benefits from watching a porn movie. The best thing you can do is talk about it with your partner and clearly indicate to each other exactly what you want. Lots of exercise and healthy eating can also make the libido go up. When you have a balanced diet your body becomes stronger and this can have a positive impact on your body. It is claimed that chili peppers and oysters would cause a woman to get wet faster.

6. Proper nutrition

Eating the right (healthy) foods can contribute to libido. For example, there are certain products such as dark chocolate, garlic, oysters, avocado and asparagus that affect sexual desire. In addition, a healthy diet provides physical and mental health, which also contributes to libido.

7. Exercise and sports

Doing exercise and sports is not only good for your physical and mental health, but also helps support your libido. The substances dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are released during exercise and are related to a woman’s libido.

8. Make time off

Many blame having no time for a reduced sex life and thus a lowered libido. It is therefore important to make time for yourself (and your partner), in order to stimulate sexual desire.

9. Erotic videos’s (porn)

Watching erotic video’s (porn) or reading an erotic book, affects libido. For example, research has shown that the stimuli released in the brain have a direct effect on a woman’s libido.

10. Experiment

Experimenting with sex triggers sexual desire. The thoughts that arise from experiencing new things in the field of sex already have a positive effect on the libido. Discussing what the wishes are together can provide extra stimulation.

11. Stop using alcohol (and drugs)

Alcohol and drugs have a bad influence on the sense of sex. For example, women can suffer from vagina dryness when alcohol is drunk regularly. In addition, men may experience a less good and long erection. These aspects, in turn, can cause a lowered libido.

12. Take good care of yourself

It may go without saying, but taking good care of yourself can increase your libido. When you make time for yourself, you can focus on your mental and physical health. This can reduce the feeling of emotional imbalance, which has positive consequences.

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