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If you’ve got had unprotected intercourse and are apprehensive about being pregnant, the Morning After Pill will assist. The Morning After Pill is taken in tablet kind after you’ve had intercourse and can assist stop you from turning into pregnant. Two of essentially the most well-liked varieties are ellaOne and Levonelle.

You might order the morning after pill for future use, so that you presumably can have it accessible merely in case you need it.

Side effects of the morning after pill

Morning after pill side effects can embody:

  • nausea
  • tummy ache
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • breast tenderness
  • vaginal ‘recognizing’ of blood
  • Alternative treatments for the morning after pill

More Information concerning the Morning After Pill

What is the morning after pill?

The Morning After Pill, often known as ‘Emergency Contraception’ or ‘Plan B, is a tablet taken after intercourse to stop being pregnant. You might have to make use of this when you have got unprotected intercourse, have forgotten to take your normal contraception, or in case your contraception fails (like when a condom splits).

Depending on the kind of tablet chosen, you possibly can take the Morning After Pill as much as 5 days after unprotected intercourse. However, the sooner it’s taken, the higher the probabilities of avoiding being pregnant. The two primary kinds of Morning After Pill are ellaOne and Levonelle. Both are solely efficient when taken earlier than ovulation occurs.

The Morning After Pill shouldn’t be used as your normal technique of contraception, as it’s extra dangerous and costly when in comparison with different contraceptives, just like the Contraceptive Pill.

How does the Morning After Pill work?

The Morning After Pill works by stopping or delaying the discharge of an egg from the ovary (ovulation). This stops the egg from being fertilised or from implanting. ellaOne incorporates ulipristal acetate, which delays or stops ovulation (the discharge of an egg). It lasts for so long as 5 days, permitting all of the sperm to die off and stopping being pregnant from happening. ellaOne should be taken inside 5 days of unprotected intercourse.

Levonelle incorporates a man-made model of the hormone progesterone known as levonorgestrel, which additionally delays or stops ovulation from occurring. Levonelle needs to be taken inside 3 days of unprotected intercourse.

How efficient is the Morning After Pill?

Both ellaOne and Levonelle are solely efficient when taken before ovulation has taken place. Levonelle just isn’t as efficient at sure factors in your cycle, whereas ellaOne stays efficient a bit longer into your interval.

Levonelle is 95% effective when taken within the first 24 hours. This drops to 85% by the second day and 58% efficient by the third day. ellaOne is98% efficient and might nonetheless be taken for as much as 5 days after intercourse, however you must take it as quickly as doable.




Overall likelihood of
not getting pregnant
when used*



Effective as much as

120 hours

72 hours

Acts as long run
contraceptive after



Affected by taking the tablet or any progesterone containing medicine within the final 7 days?



Affected by weight or BMI?

Yes >85kg
or BMI >30

Yes >70kg
or BMI >26

Prevents ovulation?



Prevents fertilisation?



*Not all ladies are vulnerable to being pregnant after they have unprotected intercourse.

How to take the Morning After Pill

Levonelle might be taken as much as 3 days after unprotected intercourse. ellaOne might be taken as much as 5 days after unprotected intercourse. Both solely work if taken earlier than ovulation has taken place. Since it may be tough to inform when ovulation has occurred, it’s best to take the Morning After Pill as quickly as doable for higher probabilities of stopping being pregnant.

How many occasions can you are taking the Morning After Pill?

Both ellaOne and Levonelle are taken as a single pill. There isn’t any restrict on the variety of occasions which you could take the Morning After Pill, however when you’ve got already used one kind, chances are you’ll not have the ability to use the opposite one. You mustn’t take Levonelle when you’ve got used ellaOne within the final 5 days. You mustn’t take ellaOne when you’ve got used Levonelle within the final 7 days. This is due to potential interactions between each drugs.

If you discover that you just often want to make use of the Morning After Pill greater than as soon as in a cycle, chances are you’ll wish to contemplate an alternative choice, like an intrauterine machine (IUD). This is the best type of emergency contraception and can be utilized as common contraception going ahead. Using common contraception, such because the contraceptive tablet, is simpler for safeguarding towards being pregnant than taking the Morning After Pill.

What if I vomit after taking the Morning After Pill?

If you vomit inside 3 hours of taking the emergency contraceptive tablet, you’ll need to take one other dose as quickly as doable. If you vomit once more, it might imply that the Morning After Pill is unsuitable for you. You ought to go to your GP or a household planning clinic as quickly as doable for an additional kind of emergency contraception.

Where can I get the Morning After Pill?

The Morning After Pill canbe ordered without prescription. You simply want to finish our fast and simple on-line questionnaire, and our docs will overview your data and ensure the Morning After Pill you ordered is best for you. You can have your medicine delivered to doorstep

Can I get the Morning After Pill without prescription?

Yes, you will get the Morning After Pill over-the-counter at most pharmacies. You might want to undergo a session with the pharmacist in your choices, which shall be just like our on-line questionnaire. You should be 16 years or older to purchase it.

Can I get the emergency contraceptive tablet prematurely?

If you might be apprehensive about having the ability to get emergency contraception, you possibly can order it prematurely. This can occur if travelling or when you’ve got considerations about your common contraception failing. You don’t want a prescription to order the Morning After Pill. You can seek the advice of with our on-line docs for extra data in your emergency and normal choices of contraception.

Morning-after tablet unwanted effects

The Morning After Pill doesn’t trigger any critical or long run unwanted effects. It can nevertheless trigger some mild and passing side effects, largely depending on which stage of your menstrual cycle they have been taken. The unwanted effects will often move with out you needing any remedy.

Levlen Side effects could cause:

  • nausea
  • belly ache
  • painful durations
  • breast tenderness
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • muscle ache
  • again ache
  • fatigue

Norplant-72 side effects could cause:

  • complications
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • decrease belly ache
  • irregular bleeding in your subsequent interval
  • fatigue
  • shortening or lengthening of your subsequent interval

When taken early on in your interval, Levonelle could trigger the cycle to get shorter. It may delay the beginning of your subsequent interval or don’t have any impact if taken afterward within the cycle. Most ladies can have their interval on time.

The Morning After Pill can also trigger uncommon bleeding and you’ll have some recognizing. This could proceed till your subsequent interval. There isn’t any trigger for concern until the bleeding is extreme or doesn’t cease. If your interval is greater than 5 days late then you must seek the advice of a physician.

Other emergency contraception choices

An intrauterine machine (IUD) can be utilized as various emergency contraception. It is 99.9% effective in stopping being pregnant. An IUD is a small T-shaped copper and plastic machine that’s positioned within the womb (uterus) by a specifically educated nurse or physician.

As the copper releases, it prevents the egg from turning into fertilised or turning into implanted even when it meets sperm. It can be utilized as a long run technique of contraception and as emergency contraception inside 5 days of unprotected intercourse. However, just like the Morning After Pill, the faster it’s used, the higher it’s at stopping being pregnant.

An IUD can final so long as 5 to 10 years. It can have some unwanted effects within the early months, together with:

  • delicate to reasonable ache throughout insertion
  • recognizing
  • irregular bleeding
  • heavier bleeding
  • painful durations

When correctly inserted, an IUD carries little danger of an infection. There can be a small danger of your physique shifting or pushing out the machine. Your physician or nurse will advise you on examine on its placement.

The results of a copper IUD are simply undone when it’s taken out by a specifically educated nurse or physician. Once eliminated, you will get pregnant right away. While a secure type of contraception, IUDs don’t shield towards sexually transmitted infections (STIs). To shield towards STIs you’ll need to make use of condoms.

Morning After Pill FAQs

  1. Can you get pregnant after taking the Morning After Pill?

    Yes. A small variety of ladies will nonetheless get pregnant after taking the Morning After Pill. Your probabilities of stopping being pregnant are boosted the sooner you are taking the tablet after unprotected intercourse. ellaOne is 98% efficient whereas Levonelle is 95% efficient if taken within the first 24 hours.

    A overview in 2017 confirmed that 0.6 to 2.6% of women that took Levonelle and 1 to 2% of people who took ellaOne nonetheless obtained pregnant. The stage you might be at in your menstrual cycle may impression how nicely it really works as a result of the Morning After Pill works when ovulation has not but occurred.

  2. What occurs if I take Morning After Pill when pregnant?

    The Morning After Pill solely prevents being pregnant throughout the first 5 days after unprotected intercourse. It can not trigger an abortion and it doesn't result in an elevated risk of beginning defects in an unborn child. Taking the Morning After Pill by mistake when pregnant will not end the being pregnant.

  3. Can I take my common contraceptive pill similtaneously the Morning After Pill?

    If you've got taken the Morning After Pill on account of a difficulty alongside along with your regular contraceptive (like missed capsules), the influence in your regular contraceptive pill will rely on which Morning After Pill you've got taken. If you took ellaOne, you could wait at least 5 days sooner than taking your common contraceptive pill. If you took Levonelle, you could resume the traditional schedule of taking your contraceptive pill inside 12 hours of taking emergency contraception. There are no drug reactions or totally different points to worry about. However, your regular contraception won't be environment friendly immediately, so you must look at alongside along with your doctor how prolonged to utilize extra precautions for (condoms, or avoiding intercourse).

  4. Is it alright to breastfeed and take the Morning After Pill?

    If you've got taken Levlen the producer recommends not breastfeeding for at least per week afterwards. This is because of we don't know however what influence taking Levlen would possibly want on breastfeeding.

    Norplant-72 is safe to take whereas breastfeeding. A small amount of the hormone might transfer into breast milk nevertheless simply is not thought of harmful to infants.

  5. I've merely had a toddler. Do I have to take the Morning After Pill?

    You can get pregnant inside a few weeks of getting a toddler, even should you're nonetheless breastfeeding and have not started having your interval as soon as extra. Ovulation can occur as early as 2 weeks sooner than your interval begins. This means you'll get pregnant even sooner than your interval has started as soon as extra. You can use the Morning After Pill at any time after your little one is born, as long as you observe the foundations about breastfeeding.

  6. I've merely had a miscarriage/abortion. Can I take the Morning After Pill?

    If you've got unprotected intercourse after a miscarriage or abortion, it's best to nonetheless have the power to get pregnant. You might take the Morning After Pill to cease being pregnant while you've obtained had unprotected intercourse.

  7. Will my weight impact the Morning After Pill?

    Your weight can impact how properly the Morning After Pill works. The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) Clinical Guideline says that ladies must be acutely aware {{that a}} extreme BMI might make emergency contraceptive capsules a lot much less environment friendly, notably Levonelle. However, the proof for this is not conclusive and we recommend consulting with one among our on-line docs to answer your questions.

  8. Can I get the emergency contraceptive pill prematurely?

    Yes. You can order the emergency contraceptive pill prematurely. This may be needed must you plan to journey, are apprehensive about your common contraception failing, or must you assume chances are you'll uncover it powerful to get emergency contraception. Emergency contraception is perhaps bought on-line or over-the-counter at most pharmacies. You can search the recommendation of our on-line docs to go looking out out further information.

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