Loss of libido

Libido is extremely important for the sex life of both men and women. Thanks to it, we have a sex drive and desire for intimate intercourse. However, the problem arises if the there is loss of libido or if its intensity decreases. The most common libido disorders thus include a reduction or complete absence of libido.

For men, loss of libido is usually accompanied by problems in their partner or sex life. For women, it is not much different, with the outward manifestation being a visible cooling of the woman towards sexual activity.

Both men and women are suffering from low or insufficient libido problems more and more often. If you assumed that this was only about older people, I must disabuse you of the misconception. Unfortunately, it also affects the younger years and the credit for this goes mainly to the surrounding environment.

Loss of Libido

The decline or loss of libido in men is an issue that tends to be very delicate and most men don’t admit to it very much. What’s worse, many of them ignore it, which is a mistake. In fact, it can gradually escalate into partner and bigger sexual problems.

  • Low libido in men can be caused by some metabolic or hormonal diseases, but also by low testosterone and poor lifestyle

To increase libido and restore its original level, there are several options:

  • Resolving physiological causes, especially diseases of a hormonal nature
  • Improving lifestyle and healthier eating
  • Limiting alcohol, medicines with side effects and smoking
  • A better lifestyle, especially more rest and regeneration
  • Improving partner relationships, for example through psychological counselling
  • Increasing testosterone with hormone treatment if necessary
  • Improving libido with pills without a prescription

There are several causes causing a decline in libido, as well as ways to reverse the problem. I addressed this topic in more detail in my article on loss of libido, where I took a holistic approach to the problem and tried to advise the best possible solutions. Likewise, I also focused on libido-boosting pills. In particular, these brands:


The term frigidity is used in women to describe a very similar condition to the loss of libido in men. Sometimes the term frigidity is also used for the condition of sexual coldness, which is essentially the same problem and thus a reluctance to have sexual intercourse.

  • In women, a number of different factors can be behind a low sex drive, from hormonal imbalances, to various diseases, to psychological causes

The problem of frigidity can be addressed in a number of ways, depending on the triggering cause:

  • If the problem is a disease, it needs to be addressed
  • Restoring hormonal balance through hormone therapy
  • Removing psychological causes, especially fear, nervousness or depression
  • Improving lifestyle, especially more rest
  • Improving partner relationships and strengthening emotional bonds
  • Discontinuation of drugs causing side effects regarding sexual appetite freely
  • Available preparations designed to improve orgasm and increase arousal

Although I mostly deal with male topics, frigidity is too widespread and also a very important topic not to get more attention. Therefore, I also recommend reading the comprehensive article on frigidity where I summarized possible solutions. As part of the solutions are also pills designed to increase sex drive, here is an overview of them:

Whether it is a problem with loss of libido in men or frigidity in women, I would recommend not taking both lightly. Although a solution can sometimes be at hand without the need for medical intervention, if you take risks and ignore the problem, you certainly won’t help yourself. In the case of the more serious causes, the problems can also manifest themselves in damage to your health.

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