The term libido is being used more and more often nowadays, and both men and women are beginning to realise that this is a problem that can be boldly compared to problems with potency and erection. Behind the libido lies the root cause of the successes and failures associated with potency or fertility, as you will see in a moment.

I myself did not pursue this topic for a long time, as I did not consider it that important. Very many people take a similar approach, because it is human nature not to deal with what does not directly cause us so much trouble.

The libido works without our knowledge or interference, it is a completely natural part of both men and women. However, few people know what libido actually is, what it depends on and what problems it can cause us in our sex life.

What Is Libido?

Libido could be loosely translated as sex drive or sexual desire. It is the sum total of a number of events and processes that lead to the adult individual beginning to feel both the desire and the need for sexual and sexual intimacy with another individual.

  • The libido is a biologically natural sex drive, and it is a set of innate reflexes that arouse the desire to mate and preserve offspring
  • The intensity and functioning of the libido is mainly influenced by the hormonal system and its activity, but the libido as such is a natural instinct for every man
  • The purpose is to stimulate sexual activity in order to mate and preserve offspring

The very functioning of libido in the human body is a matter of a combination of several mechanisms and their proper functioning. First and foremost, it is about hormonal activity, specifically how male hormones and female hormones function in the body, what their levels are, and whether they sufficiently stimulate a person’s perception and actions towards sexual activity.

The functioning of the libido is a somewhat subconscious, but also partly conscious process:

  • The unconscious agency is the very essence of libido, in psychoanalysis it refers to the sexual drive and sexual desire, which is based on the nature of the human being
  • The degree to which the libido manifests itself is dependent on the activity of the hormonal system, but also on sexual stimulation on a longer scale
  • It is consciously possible to influence the functioning of the libido by one’s approach to this innate sexual desire, which we will actually discuss directly in this text

If I talked about libido being dependent on hormonal activity, it means that certain hormones have both a direct and indirect effect on it. These hormones are referred to as gonadotropic hormones and their secretion is controlled by the brain, specifically a part called the hypothalamus. The purpose of these hormones is to stimulate sex hormones in both men and women.

The whole process goes roughly as follows:

  • In both women and men, these gonadotropic hormones travel to the reproductive system, where they control the secretion of the relevant sex hormones and also influence the activity of specific gonads
  • Luteotropic, which is a luteinizing hormone, controls the secretion of testosterone, also induces ovulation and allows the formation of the corpus luteum
  • Folliculotropin, which is a follicle-stimulating hormone, in turn controls the maturation of ovarian follicles, stimulates spermatogenesis and maintains the production of the hormone oestrogen

In Both Men and Women

Libido as a sexual desire is characteristic not only for men, which is the general belief and majority opinion, but also for women. The latter can also have considerable problems with it, and on this topic I have therefore decided to write a separate article on how to increase a woman’s appetite for sex.

Which Factors Affect Libido

How libido works is therefore mainly influenced by hormones and the activity of the hormonal system. Many circumstances, both internal and external, influence this whole system. Naturally, hormones are not the only factor, albeit an essential one. There are several other things that can and do influence sex drive and sexual energy.

Here are the most important ones that have a direct impact on the state of libido:

The problem with sex hormone levels Hormones, of course, I have to mention in the first place. A problem with their levels, i.e. with testosterone in men and with estrogen and progesterone in women, can have several causes. Either it is a natural happening, for example, in women due to the influence of transition, or the process of secretion of hormones is interfered with by illness, lack of some other substances in the body, and so on.

Impact of disease: several types of diseases have a negative impact on sexual energy and appetite, as well as on the whole state of health. These are mainly so-called civilisation diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, problems with the reproductive system or the excretory system, various types of infections and inflammations, and so on. Sometimes it is a temporary, sometimes a long-term condition.

Medication side effects: taking more than one type of medication affects both potency and sex drive in both men and women. Psychopharmaceuticals, such as antidepressants, have a particularly negative effect. However, they are not the only ones; the second category is drugs that affect hormones, especially hormonal contraceptives. Antihistamines, antiepileptics, opioids and, in some cases, beta-blockers affecting the cardiovascular system are also a problem.

Poor lifestyle and poor lifestyle: Lack of sleep, unhealthy food, too much fatty food and semi-finished products, but also, for example, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking, all have a negative effect on libido, and in men also on potency and fertility. In addition, it causes increased cholesterol or blood pressure problems that impair erections in men.

Age: Age is one of the most natural things to negatively affect libido, apart from the factors and causes mentioned above. This is because as age increases, the ability of both the male and female body to produce sex hormones sufficiently decreases. The above mentioned civilization diseases are also associated with it and overall not only the sexual energy of the body decreases.

Psychological and relational causes: relationship problems, whether psychological or sexual, can be both a consequence and a cause of problems with sex drive. Mental problems such as depression, anxiety and other similar disorders can, and in most cases do, affect libido in both men and women.

Disorders, Problems and Diseases Associated With Libido

If you think that libido either works or doesn’t work properly and there’s nothing else in between, that’s not quite the case. Problems and disorders are of varying degrees, and for each man and woman the course may be slightly different. It is impossible to find a general boundary, but to better illustrate how a complete loss of libido gradually occurs, I have attempted to do so.

Excessively high libido can also be a problem. Here I have summarized all possible types of disorders:

Decreased libido in men: Declining libido in men begins to manifest itself in a decrease in interest in physical contact with a female partner. Physical touch gradually disappears even during the day, sex becomes routine and mechanical, its intensity decreases and there is a decline in interest in sexual life.

Loss of libido in men: if the previous condition is not addressed at all, a man will experience a complete loss of libido. In this case, the man becomes completely passive in terms of sexual behavior and not only is he no longer satisfied with sexual intercourse, he ceases to have sexual fantasies and thoughts altogether. The intensity of physical intercourse is reduced only to the minimum necessary.

Decreased libido in women: decreased sex drive in women is most often due to hormonal changes or changes in partner life. Initially, the symptoms are only at the level of lower interest in sexual life, but later symptoms typical of menopause, such as hot flushes, insomnia, irritability or depressive feelings, are added.

Loss of libido in women: complete loss of libido in women is manifested not only by verbal disinterest or sensations, but also, for example, already by vaginal dryness before and during intercourse. Later, a condition where the woman is not able to reach orgasm at all may join. Most often, this problem is the result of a long-term failure to address the reduction of libido.

Increased libido in women and men: not only too low, but also unhealthily high sexual libido can be a problem. This condition can also occur as a result of hormones going “crazy” and in this case, too, unnatural interference with the hormonal balance should be considered.

Women Are Also Troubled by Libido

I know that most of the time libido problems are attributed to men in particular, and women are assumed that something like this can’t befall them. However, the opposite is true, and today that is no longer the case at all. I discuss this topic in detail in my article on how a frigid woman manifests herself.

How to Improve and Boost Libido

Whether as a consequence of the problems and disorders mentioned above, or as part of prevention, some attention needs to be paid to the libido. Problems with it are not usually as noticeable in a short period of time as, for example, with erections, but they should not be underestimated.

  • The best way to increase or improve libido and sex drive is to use the most natural methods and ways, ideally without serious interference with the body

I would strongly caution both men and women not to underestimate the already beginning signs of problems, as well as their natural solutions. Today it is very fashionable to take doctor-prescribed medication for everything right away, but sex drive is one area where this may not pay off in the long run.

I recommend the following options in particular for problem solving and libido support:

  • In the first instance, any underlying or related disease, such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, needs to be addressed
  • It is also important to eat better, in particular to limit fatty and heavy foods and to eat more vegetables and fruit
    you should also change your lifestyle, allow yourself plenty of recovery and sleep, completely limit stress, smoking and alcohol should be tobacco
  • Pay attention to special foods that stimulate the libido, especially seafood, chocolate, whipped cream and bananas, which you can include in your diet
  • Take off medications suspected of negatively affecting sex drive
  • If the problem is mental or relational, you can also call in a specialist in the
    women are advised to take off contraceptives with adverse effects on libido
  • You can also try acupuncture
  • It is also important to try to kick-start changes in your partner’s life, in particular, to change the established sexual routine and try new forms of sexual stimulation

As a means of support, you can try special preparations stimulating the level of important hormones, I will mention them below

Frequently Asked Questions About Libido

Since my goal is to describe all the connections with the libido at least briefly, I would like to touch not only on the theory but also on the practicalities. So I looked at some internet forums and discussions to see what both men and women are looking for regarding the topic of libido. Here, at this point, I will now summarize the most common questions about libido and attach my answers to them as well:

  1. Is It a Problem if There Is Only a Short-term Decrease in Libido?

    It depends on whether the triggering cause is also only of a transient and shorter character. If so, resolving it should return the condition with the sex drive to normal. Beware, however, of cases where the beginning of a decline in libido is just a prelude to a long-term decline.

  2. How Much Impact Do Relationship Problems Have on Libido? What About Infidelity?

    Problems in a relationship can spin a closed circle where they are both a cause and a consequence of libido problems. In this case, there may even be a selective refusal of contact with only one woman. However, I am not competent to give more information in this area.

  3. Is It True That Libido Can Also Be Stimulated by Plants or Food, for Example?

    Yes, it is true, although one should not think that it is a panacea. Unless the cause of a lack of libido is explicitly due to a serious illness that needs to be professionally treated, both plants and foods can help. But only if they contain the necessary stimulants.

  4. Is There a Solution for Men or Women in Older Age?

    Yes, for example the plants and foods mentioned above. At an older age, it is necessary to look at health as a whole, as its quality is also reflected in sex life. Try to live healthier and try to take advantage of some external and natural sources of hormone stimulation as well.

  5. Is Libido Also Related to Other Male Problems, Such as Poor Erections?

    There may not be a completely automatic connection, but it should not be underestimated. A number of causes, especially those of a non-pathological nature, are common to both sex drive problems and sexual potency problems.

How Do Libido Pills Work and Why I Recommend Them

If I talked above about the fact that there are some plants and herbs that support, for example, libido and sexual potency, a modern form of using their effects are special pills to increase libido. Of course, I am only talking about 100% natural pills.

Their functioning depends on the composition:

  • These preparations are based on a specific combination of extracts and extracts of various types of natural aphrodisiacs, especially plants and herbs stimulating testosterone in men

In the pills it is possible to find, for example, extracts from aphrodisiacs such as Ginseng, Muira Puama, Maca, Yerba Mate or Damiana. They are complemented by various other natural substances, such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which also act to increase sexual potency by acting on hormonal levels.

Time Needed : 00 days 00 hours 20 minutes

Moreover, I myself see three great benefits in these natural pills:

  1. Know the Compositions

    The effects of these preparations are very complex thanks to the composition and in men, for example, they also promote erection, better ejaculation and also affect spermatogenesis

  2. Side Effects

    The composition of the tablets without synthetic and chemically produced substances also means minimal side effects, for example, for me there were no side effects

  3. Prescription

    The purchase of the tablets is without the need for a prescription, you do not have to undergo any examination by a sexologist or urologist.

On the other hand, it must be said that the effect may not come immediately. The preparation works on the principle that it supplies the body with some substances necessary for the stimulation of testosterone and, therefore, libido, but it is necessary to take it for a longer period of time. I have been taking one brand for roughly 3 to 4 months.

Comprehensive Approach

Sexual energy and appetite can be influenced not only by pills or similar preparations, but especially by wider action. I recommend not to forget, for example, foods to increase libido, I wrote a separate article about it with quite detailed recommendations.

Pills I’ve Tried and My Experience With Them

To increase libido and its support, I have tried several brands of preparations of various kinds. Some of them have worked for me more, others less, there are even on our market, unfortunately, brands whose effectiveness remains only on the package leaflet. Fortunately, if you choose a quality preparation, your libido can go up visibly.

If you don’t want to grope around and waste time looking for the really effective ones, I recommend focusing on what has the most positive testimonials. If you want to know which pills have worked best for me, these are the brands that I myself have had the best experience with:

Sildenafil (Viagra)

  • Erection
  • Libido and appetite for sex
  • Length of sexual intercourse

Tadalafil (Cialis)

  • Better onset of erection
  • Prolonging the duration of an erection
  • Increase appetite for sex

Levitra (Vardenafil)

  • Better erection
  • Improving libido
  • Increase sexual stamina

Avanafil (Stendra)

  • Higher sex drive
  • Reduction of fatigue during the day
  • Faster muscle mass gai
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