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Similarly to products designed for men to increase their natural size, breast enlargement pills are on thin ice in our market. Few pharmacies offer them and most of the time the reviews that promote them are just clumsy and clumsy disguises of hidden advertising by the manufacturers.

However, this does not change the fact that the topic of insufficiently large or firm breasts troubles a large number of women. This is clearly visible in the growing interest in various plastic surgeries, artificial breast implants and the like.

Similarly, many an internet discussion or forum is full of questions about how to enlarge breasts using fat, hyaluronic acid or other methods. However, the solution does not have to be expensive, difficult and risky invasive procedures. There are also more natural ways.

What Can Be Considered Small Breasts

The question about bust size should not revolve purely around numbers. Not only the size but also the shape of the breasts have an impact on the size of the bust. The firmness of the breast tissue also plays a role in this respect, as does the flexibility and healthy condition of the skin.

The bust itself is made up of fatty tissue and mammary gland tissue. Its growth occurs for the first time during the period of early adolescence, i.e. during puberty. The size of the breasts is influenced by this growth, which also depends on genetic disposition as well as hormonal balance. It is the release of oestrogen at puberty that has the greatest impact on bust growth.

The size of the bust is also affected later by medications, such as hormonal contraceptives, as well as weight and level of physical activity. If we do not count various physiological defects or disorders, there are really too many external factors that influence the size of the bust and its firmness.


Although I didn’t want to stick to any numbers at first, and although there is no established definition of small bust, I will at least give some numbers. The horizontal diameter of the breast is about 12 cm, the vertical diameter about 11 cm. In Slovakia, the average basket size is C.

The Options You Have to Deal With Small Breasts at Home

The good news is that even seemingly smaller breasts can be reshaped, firmed and slightly enlarged without having to think about too invasive and expensive surgical procedures right away. However, it won’t happen overnight.

On the contrary, if you want to address the size of your breasts without medical intervention, you need to prepare yourself for a longer journey. This involves a combination of several measures aimed at affecting the size of the breasts, but also their elasticity and firmness. These qualities are essential for an optimal effect.

If you want to enlarge your breasts, here are the options you can use to do so:

  • Optical enlargement and breast enhancement can be easily achieved with push-up bras
  • The second option, which can already bring real results, is exercise, especially exercises for the pectoral muscles, which will shape and firm them
  • A long-term way is also a regular massage of the breasts, for example together with honey and linseed oil, which also benefits the hydration of the skin
  • There are also various herbs containing phytoestrogens, which can be used to make teas and decoctions for internal or external use
  • Various creams containing phytoestrogens are based on a similar principle
  • You can also consume foods that contain these plant hormones, such as flaxseeds, sesame seeds, soya and certain fruits and vegetables
  • An increasingly popular option is the use of herbal pills, which are designed to support the mammary gland with phytohormones

The Principle and Effects of Breast Enlargement Tablets

The aforementioned pills are one of the most popular options for promoting natural breast augmentation. There are not so many of them on our market yet, but even those few brands offer serious effects, especially with regular and long-term use.

This, by the way, is the basis of the success of the action of tablets on the bust. Their effect is based on extracts of plants such as Serenoa repens, Fenugreek, Wild Yam or Benedictine. These are rich natural sources of phytoestrogens, i.e. plant substances similar to human oestrogens, which also have similar effects in the human body.

Phytoestrogens are a very good natural remedy for breast enlargement and firming. They can bind to estrogen receptors in the human body and thus mimic the function and action of natural estrogens. However, this action must be long-lasting in order to stimulate the growth of the mammary gland.

First Results

Although the visible effect of taking these substances lasts for a long time, the first effects should be visible after just a few weeks. Although several manufacturers declare the first effects on enlargement after a few days, but it certainly does not work this fast. Patience brings roses, and that applies here as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, the topic of breast augmentation is very attractive and attracts attention on the Internet. So I have searched various forums and websites to find out what women are most interested in regarding breast augmentation and I will now answer the most common questions in one place.

  1. Is It Safe to Take the Tablets?

    Yes, it is safe, and not only due to the fact that the composition of the preparations is natural and does not contain any synthetic active substances. Every single product is sold only after approval by the relevant authorities, most often the Public Health Service. It is therefore subject to controls and is completely safe to use.

  2. Are There Any Contraindications or Barriers to Taking These Preparations?

    In principle, any pills containing phytoestrogens are not suitable for women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as they could interfere with hormone levels. Combination with similar pills can also be a problem, and the pills must not be taken at the same time as hormone treatment.

  3. Can the Pills Have Effects in Other Areas as Well?

    Yes, and many women confirm that they have, according to their experience. Since the pills contain phytohormones, they affect not only the breasts, but the entire hormonal system and hormonal balance. Thus they also affect the menstrual cycle, negative symptoms of menopause, skin, hair and libido. But the degree of the effects is very individual.

  4. How Does Ordering and Delivery of Tablets Work?

    In this respect, these products have a great advantage, as they can be bought online directly from the eshops of their manufacturers or official suppliers in our country. Everything is done from the comfort of your home and quickly. As far as delivery is concerned, it is as discreet as possible and no one will know what you have ordered thanks to the anonymous packaging.

  5. What if the Pills Don't Help Me?

    Breast enlargement pills alone are certainly no magic wand or the only way to go. Their use should also be combined with other options, such as the ones I mentioned above. Even so, not every woman may be 100% satisfied with the result, and that's where plastic surgery comes in.

Pills Tried by a Partner and Her Experience With Them

My partner has tried virtually every brand of breast enlargement and firming tablets currently available. She was satisfied with most of the effects and in this respect she evaluates the products really positively, but even here there were some pills whose effectiveness in practice was weaker.

With the best brands, with long-term use, it is possible to see really noticeable improvements and changes, especially in the firmness and volume of the breasts. The positive side of the products is that their use is without the occurrence of undesirable or side effects.

How to Know the Most Important Principles to Stick to When Making Your Choice?

As for the properties of these tablets, here are the most important ones:

  1. Know the Compositions

    Thanks to their herbal composition, their action is natural and their effects are broader and also visible, it is certainly not a substitute for augmentation by plastic surgery

  2. Know your Brand

    Choose proven brands, as there are also inferior products on the market

  3. Right Dosage

    The key is long-term use and the right dosage and it is best to combine pills and other breast enlargement options at the same time, for example, exercise and creams

Among all the preparations, she decided to recommend two brands of tablets and one brand of cream:

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