Erectile Dysfunction, what to do?

In general, most men have a hard time talking about erectile dysfunction. This is quite separate because the problem of erectile dysfunction is a regular occurrence among men. For example, 5 percent of men over 40, and 15 to  25 percent of men over 65 suffer from erectile dysfunction. Despite the fact that erectile dysfunction is more common in men who are getting older, this does not exclude that there are no other causes.

This is exactly why we have to find a solution.

Precisely because this is so common and because we want to help these people, we have put together some important points that you should pay attention to if you want to prevent erectile dysfunction. Below you can read more about what you should and shouldn’t do around an erection problem.

  • There can be many different causes for erectile dysfunction. For example, you may have had a bad experience with sex or stress with family or friends. Furthermore, it can also be due to poor communication between you and your partner. So keep discussing difficult topics with each other and be open to each other to prevent erectile dysfunction.
  • There are quite a few reasons that a man can have problems with erectile dysfunction. For example, previous, unpleasant experiences with sex, stress with family or friends or at work, poor communication with the partner, and unrealistic expectations regarding sex.

Why do men suffer from erectile dysfunction

Many men do not like to talk about it when they suffer from erectile dysfunction. This refers to the men who are unable to get an erection naturally or only have an erection for a short period of time. Men who suffer from this problem cannot have sex with their partner. However, with erectile dysfunction, it is often the result of another problem. So it is not a disease or a disorder.

It can be a psychological problem, a physical problem or even a combination of both factors. It is starting to become less and less of a taboo among men. And the fact that you don’t necessarily have to go to the family doctor anymore but that they just sell it in stores certainly helps with that. That often makes it easier for a man to take that step and try it.

Is erectile dysfunction common?

Erectile dysfunction is more common than people think. And especially for men who are already elderly, it can become a major problem. A study was done on this problem and it showed that 1 in 5 men over the age of 40 have erectile dysfunction. And that 1 in 10 men are unable to get an erection. As you re getting older re more likely to suffer from this.

What happens during an erection

Men never really think about this. But getting an erection is a complex process. Inside the genitalia, the penis there are 2 spongy tissues that run the entire length. This spongy tissue is surrounded by a fibrous, tough and partially elastic outer sheath. When sexually stimulated, this tissue allows more blood to enter the penis.

Then the veins that run through the penis are compressed, preventing the blood from getting out. Then, when that blood is trapped there, the penis fills with blood, causing an erection. Muscle cells located in this tissue react to chemicalsiën in the body. The amount of the chemicaliën determines whether the penis becomes hard or soft.

What are the causes for erectile dysfunction ?

There can be many different factors that play a role in erectile dysfunction. Below are some common factors:

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

The physical causes that most commonly play a role in erectile dysfunction often have to do with blood pressure or circulation. They also include heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and high cholesterol. These can all affect whether or not a man can get an erection.

Diabetes causes nerves and blood vessels to be damaged, which can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Obesity and metabolic syndrome can also often lead to this problem because these conditions can bring changes in body composition, blood pressure and cholesterol. Some other conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction are: Parkinson’s, sleep disorders, alcohol– or drug abuse, multiple sclerosis and Peyronie’s disease. Some medications may also have a trigger in this problem.

Psychic causes of erectile dysfunction

About between 10% and 20% of men with erectile dysfunction are caused by a psychological cause. Mental health problems such as depression or anxiety often do not have a positive effect on our libido. This can make it difficult for a man to get an erection.

Stress is also an influential factor because it can cause extra blood to stop flowing to the penis, preventing an erection. This often leads to fear of failure. And that can cause the penis to stop doing its job properly.

In many cases it is not always immediately clear what the problem is but it is always worthwhile to have it examined or by talking to someone about it. If you don’t do anything about it it can lead to even more stress and anxiety and this in turn can lead to depression. Nowadays there are many solutions to these problems.

What can you do if you have been examined?

If you have had yourself examined and it turns out that it is a physical erectile dysfunction then it is often the case that the right pills can help you well. These medications ensure that enough blood still goes to the penis so that the man can still get an erection. If you plan on ordering these pills make sure that you are sure that it is a reliable and safe website.

Comparing your sex life with other people

It is often the case that men can’t get an erection. This is not strange because, in fact, in 20 percent of the cases it is the case that the man cannot get it up. If you talk about a healthy sexual functioning and a good relationship, there is no yardstick that tells you if you are right. In fact, there is no ‘standard that we can hold ourselves to and compare ourselves to. This will also be strongly discouraged.

If you as a couple are satisfied with your sex life and can be very intimate together then we see no problems for erectile dysfunction. However, it can happen and if this has a negative effect on the relationship, we advise you to do something about it. Another option that a couple can discuss is to buy lovegra to see if this helps your sex life.

Talk to each other about it

It is of course logical that it is not nice to talk about erectile dysfunction, yet we recommend that you do so. It often happens that men keep their erection problem to themselves and keep it from their partner. If it is not talked about then the relationship may become increasingly distant and thus have a negative impact on the relationship.

As a man it is important to know that not only the man suffers from erection problems. In fact, your partner can also suffer from this problem. This doesn’t mean that you should start feeling guilty but rather that you start being open with each other. This will prevent the anxiety and fear that erectile dysfunction entails. So we recommend that you keep talking to your partner and remember that as a couple, you can solve most of the problems surrounding erectile dysfunction together.

Getting rid of erectile dysfunction

Today, many men still think that problems surrounding erection are between the ears or only due to age. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, it is also important to address your health problems that can also cause erectile dysfunction to occur. You could start by visiting your doctor and have an examination to see what possible causes are preventing you from getting it up.

These physical causes for an erection problem are usually due to: neurological problems, too high blood pressure, low testosterone levels and diabetes. When you visit your doctor, you can ask right away what physical complaints affect your inability to get an erection.

Stress can also cause problems

If you have stress or anxiety about erectile dysfunction this can actually be the cause of it. If you worry about getting a hard-on or not, you are more concerned with getting an erection instead of enjoying your partner. This fear of not getting it up can have an extra bad effect on the erection.

In addition, if you continuously experience stress or anxiety about sex you may even find that you feel less and less like sex. We keep saying it but that’s why it’s important to discuss such topics with your partner.

What to do in case of erectile dysfunction?

Of course it’s not nice when you feel like sex and you can’t get your penis in an erect position. If you suffer from this, you’re naturally wondering what the best thing to do is if you’ve already suffered from this kind of erection problem before. Below we have a list of some steps you can take.

Be careful what you eat

If you follow a diet that contains too many fats and sugars, this will certainly not benefit you in getting an erection either. In order for the penis to get an erection, there must of course be sufficient blood flow to the penis. And of course this is not possible if veins are clogged because then there is no sufficient blood flow to the penis. Therefore, it will not be unwise to follow a healthy diet in which you get plenty of fruits and vegetables.

A diet recommended by doctors is the Mediterranean diet. This diet means that you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, all good fats and that you eat whole grains. Good fats include olive oil and nut oil, for example. Are you looking for medical products? Then take a look at the comparison of online pharmacy providers around the world.

Monitor your weight

If you’re overweight, the chance of diabetes and heart problems is greater. These conditions, in turn, can lead to getting erection problems. This is caused because these conditions can cause nerve damage. And because the penis is very sensitive this will not make getting an erection any easier.

Keeps your cholesterol and blood pressure in check

As discussed earlier, blood vessels play an important role in getting an erection. If your cholesterol levels are too high or your blood pressure is too high, it can damage the blood vessels. Therefore, make sure that you always keep an eye on your cholesterol level or visit your doctor every now and then to have him/her look at it.

Exercise also helps

If you have an office job or other type of work where you often sit still. Make sure you get enough exercise or take the occasional walk during your break. Because too little exercise can also result in erectile dysfunction. After all, it is not only good for your heart and blood vessels but also for the production of sufficient testosterone. Only men have this hormone and it’s this substance that makes men want to have sex.

Not all exercises help

Maybe you have read something about certain exercises that would be good for erection problems. Some exercises will actually be good for something but many exercises that are on the internet have not been proven as exercises that would help with erection problems. Therefore, do not believe everything you read on the internet or what you hear from others. One of the options you can look at is the page about buy cialis without prescription

Are you currently smoking? Then stop doing so.

Most smokers these days do realize that smoking is really bad for your health. But it can also cause erection problems. That’s because smoking is also bad for your blood vessels and they will clog up as a result. One of the other options you can look at is the page about buy levitra without prescription

Do you produce enough testosterone?

When a man reaches the age of 40 the amount of testosterone in his body starts to decrease. And when a man is about 50, the actual testosterone level begins to drop. These ages are based on a healthy person. One of the other options you can look at is this page about buy kamagra online

Make sure you have as little stress as possible.

Many men cannot imagine it but stress can also cause you to suffer from erection problems. When someone suffers from stress, the substance adrenaline is produced and this substance causes the blood vessels to close up. As you have already read, the blood vessels must be open in order to get enough blood to the penis for an erection. Therefore, try to make sure that you relax well at times and perhaps it would be a good idea to practice a sport. This will also reduce your stress levels. If you have a problem with premature ejaculation you can visit the page about buy priligy online.

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