Erection, How to get an erection? 10 Facts About getting an erection For Men

Many men think they know everything about their genitals. Despite the fact that men often think that, there are still some things they don’t know about their genitals and about how to get an erection.

How to Get an Erection Guide 2021

Below are 10 things that you yourself may not have known about the male sex organ. Perhaps you are more likely to be looking for remedies that can help you get an erection if you are experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction. 

1.     There are three different causes for getting an erection.

While having an erection, the penis is erect, which ensures that you can have sex.  There are 3 causes that can cause an erection. The first is the reflexogenic erection, this erection is caused by physical contact with your partner, for example. The second is the nocturnal erection. This is an erection that takes place while you sleep, so you have no influence on this. And the last one is the psychogenic erection. This erection is caused by the perception of sounds that may excite you or by fantasizing about sex. Another way to get an erection is by using erection pills like buy tadalafil, buy vardenafil, buy dapoxetine, buy lovegra or the well known buy kamagra online.

2.      Drinking and smoking have a big influence on getting an erection

Nowadays you often see it written on cigarette packs, smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. If you do suffer from this and if you also smoke it might be wise to quit smoking. It is very difficult for many people to quit, but once they do, you will be a much healthier person. And perhaps it will then be possible to get your genitals erect again which will improve your sex life.

Alcohol can also cause you to suffer from erection problems. This doesn’t apply to people who grab the occasional drink but more to those who consume alcohol on a daily basis. So people who drink a lot can also suffer from erectile dysfunction. So even for people who drink a lot of alcohol, it is better to stop drinking and you will be a healthier person with an improved sex life. 

3.      Oral sex will make the erection bigger.

It has never really been researched but during oral sex an erection will be larger. It is thought that it is because men can generally enjoy it very much when a woman satisfies the man orally.

4.     Make sure you get enough sleep to get a good erection

Sufficient sleep is always good for a man. Getting enough rest is also a very important aspect of getting an erection. You may have trouble getting an erection if you don’t sleep enough or if you sleep restlessly. If you are tired you often don’t even feel like sex because you want to sleep right away.  This will not benefit your sex life and it is also not nice for your partner.

5.      Sufficient privacy during sex will also stimulate an erection.

If you are sure that no one can listen or watch you then it will be easier to get and keep an erection. So for example, if you are still living at home and you are afraid that your parents might walk in at any moment or if you have children of your own who might walk in at any moment. Then for some men it can be difficult to get an erection. Of course, this is not true for every man but in general it is true.

6.      The penis in erect position is not always straight.

Do you ever wonder if it’s weird if your penis isn’t perfectly straight in an erect position? Then you don’t have to worry because this is perfectly normal and this happens to almost everyone. If your genitalia has a small deviation, it is not a problem and it might even be nice for your partner or someone else. But if it is a big deviation then it might be annoying for your partner but that can also be wise on Peyronie’s disease. If this is the case then it is not unwise to visit a urologist so that he/she can examine it.

7.     Masturbating also affects the degree of erection.

If you have not masturbated for several days, then the blood supply of the penis will also be better and this results in a larger erection. So if you want to surprise your partner for once, it is wise not to masturbate for a few days. This will also make you come faster.

8.     Being overweight is not good for getting a good erection.

If you suffer from obesity, your testosterone levels drop tremendously. Therefore, it becomes a lot harder to achieve and maintain an erection. Many overweight people suffer from erectile dysfunction. And that will not benefit your sex life. Therefore, we recommend anyone who is overweight to start losing weight so that your sex life will improve again and your partner will probably find you more attractive.

9.      Many people dislike wearing a condom.

Some men don’t like wearing a condom during sex. Many feel that you don’t feel much when you wear a condom. This can also cause a man to have erection problems because it’s just not exciting enough with a condom. Of course, we are not going to discourage wearing a condom. After all, it is a good and reliable contraceptive. So if you have erection problems when wearing a condom, maybe it’s a solution to use a stimulant which makes your penis go up. Do you want to know more about all these products? Then check our online pharmacy where you can order without prescription.

10.      Lack of control

Many men envy women because they can experience multiple orgasms. They report that they are not satisfied with how long their erections last. If you cannot get your penis up we speak of erectile dysfunction. Not holding an erection for long and ejaculating too early also fall under this term. Of course, a man also wants his partner to experience an orgasm during sex. Many men fail to do so because they ejaculate too quickly.  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can solve this problem even if you as a man have already ejaculated. Always try to make sure that your partner ends the sex with a good feeling as well so that your sex life stays on track.

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