Improving Erections, In which ways can th erection be improved?

Erection is a thing so obvious and natural that most men don’t give it much thought. There will be some stimulation, most often visual or tactile, which triggers sexual arousal and is followed by the hardening of the penis. But as soon as this mechanism stops working, even the deepest problems surface.

I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been in this situation for quite a long time. I ignored all the warning signs that gradually appeared in me and waited for the problems to resolve themselves. It didn’t.

What was the result? I almost ruined my own partner relationship, I was mentally at rock bottom and it all manifested itself in practically my whole life. So I advise all men not to underestimate the initial problems and start working on improving erections right away.

What is Erection?

First, let’s define what an erection is, what kind of condition and what this causes, What does this mean is for a man? Although it may seem quite obvious to most of you at first glance, I’m sure a little theory doesn’t hurt, especially if it’s an enlightening theory.

  • Erection means the hardening of the penis, or male sex organ
  • This is a condition where a man is able to penetrate the vagina, which is the external part of the female genital tract
  • Thanks to an erection, it is possible to achieve fertility in a natural biological way

The state of penile hardening is brought about by filling the penis with sufficient blood. Behind its formation there are three spongy cylindrical bodies, two of which are erectile and one located in the urethra. The erectile spongy bodies are made up of spongy tissue that swells when sufficiently engorged, which puts the penis in an erect position.

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Erection arises on the basis of three factors that must work in coordination:

  • the correct transmission of the nerve signal to the erection control centers in the central nervous system occurs
  • the arterial blood supply
  • the activation of the toporal bodies, the smooth muscle response and the stopping

The point of an erection is to allow a man maximum potency and fertility. But in order to do this, it is necessary not only to achieve an erection, but also to maintain it. It is also important not to spontaneously weaken the erection, as this can lead to an inability to reach orgasm and overall impotence in terms of conceiving an offspring.

Multiple Types of Erection

According to the classification, there are three types of erection, namely:

  • Reflex: This is induced by direct stimulation of the penis.
  • Psychogenic: this is caused on the basis of external visual stimulation.
  • Nocturnal: Subconscious, manifesting itself in the sleep phase.

What Problems Occur With Erection and What Are Their Symptoms

Men who have erection problems suffer from several types of disorders. Most of the time it is only one type, but it is far from exceptional that there are multiple disorders, which in turn makes it more difficult to deal with. However, it is not completely impossible.

Here are the most common types of erection problems:

Weakened erection: the most common disorder is weakened erection, sometimes called insufficient erection. With a weakened erection, there is no full erection and the penis cannot be erect, but is in a sort of intermediate state between full erection and flaccidity.

Slow erection: this problem can be related to, for example, a lack of libido, i.e. the desire to have sex. It can also be a more serious cardiovascular problem, where blood is flowing less to the penis due to some obstruction. What is certain is that there is no need to underestimate the slower onset of erection, there may be a more serious reason behind it.

Short erection: a very common problem is also the flaccidity of an erection in a quick period of time. Men suffering from this problem may have a firm erection to start with, but it does not last for a long time and gradually fades away. This happens within minutes and one can say that practically the man is impotent.

Permanent erection: on the contrary, a less common problem is the condition of too frequent, even permanent erection. In this case, however, I would definitely recommend going straight to a doctor, as it can be a serious disorder of blood supply to the sexual organ, which can lead to impaired functionality.

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Causes of Erection Problems

The problems described above occur largely on the basis of two types of causes. The first category is some psychological factor, i.e. it is not directly a physical disorder. The second category is physiological causes, which are easier to identify.

Here are the most common causes of erection problems:

  • Health problems: you may not want to admit it, but a number of seemingly unrelated health problems can be the cause of an insufficient or incomplete erection. These are most often cardiovascular diseases, but also hormonal diseases or mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.
  • Taking medicines: in connection with the above, I also draw attention to the contraindications and side effects of many prescription medicines that are intended for the treatment of more serious illnesses. Common antidepressants, for example, significantly suppress male libido, which can affect problems with appetite for sex and erections per se.
  • Incorrect lifestyle: Few men will admit that eating junk food, fried foods, fatty saturated acids or sugary drinks are bad for them. Do you know where it shows up first? If you’re guessing erections, you’re guessing right. Poor lifestyle is the alpha and omega of most such problems.
  • Excessive drinking and smoking: although these two vices could be classified under lifestyle, I feel they require a separate category. Why? Because I see more and more men drinking increasing amounts of alcohol, and things are not going in a good direction with the smoking thing either. Men, be aware, this is a serious factor affecting your potency.
  • Low testosterone: The hormone testosterone is mainly responsible for our libido, or appetite for sex. If it is deficient in the body, it also affects the ability to achieve an erection. Subconsciously, it can prevent our psyche from getting into a state where we are able to feel sexual arousal intensely and thus achieve a hard-on.
  • Stress, routine and bad lifestyle: Little exercise, hardly any sport, routine in sex, lots of work, little time, stress, lack of rest, sleepless nights. Do you think that this does not affect the erection? You are wrong and big. Think about how you live and when you have registered more serious problems in the bedroom. Are you running out of it yet?

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Lack of Sex

I can understand that you probably find the lack of sex as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction a bit “off”. The famous saying that training makes perfect applies here. Those who do not train get lazy and cannot perform optimally. The same is true in bed!

How to Improve Erections

Time Needed : 00 days 00 hours 20 minutes

Based on the causes described above, a solution can be found either under medical supervision or outside. Personally, I recommend trying a regimen modification and nutritional supplements first. If that doesn't help, then the erection problem also needs to be addressed with the help of a specialist.

Try to focus on the following measures in this order:

  1. Resolving possible disease causes

    Erectile problems are often caused by metabolic, cardiovascular or neurological diseases. If there is a serious suspicion of such a factor, the best way to go is to first start addressing and treating such a disease. The same is true for hormonal disorders or even psychological problems such as depression.

  2. Lifestyle and lifestyle modification

    As I mentioned above, poor and unhealthy diet, alcohol, smoking, stress and also an unhealthy lifestyle have a great influence on the occurrence of erectile dysfunction and its long-term duration. Therefore, you should try to change your diet and lifestyle. You should also move more, exercise and keep fit. If you are fit, your erection will also be fit.

  3. Changing the stereotype in the bedroom

    Likewise, try to break the routine and liven up your sex partner life with something new as well. I'm not saying it will automatically improve your erection, of course, but it will bring a bit of fantasy into your everyday life. Don't avoid your partner just because you are currently having minor problems with your boner, on the contrary, you need to try harder.

  4. Pills for erection

    Don't worry, I'm not talking about prescription pills, erection pills without prescription. Although it may not look like it, most men are not only reliant on the heaviest medications, but a more affordable solution in the form of natural tablets will suffice. You wouldn't believe how many men have already saved their sex life.

  5. Specialist treatment

    If none of the above measures work, it is obvious that you have a serious problem requiring a professional approach. Your doctor may prescribe Viagra or Cialis erection medications. An alternative is surgery, which will improve stalking and erections permanently and without the need to take pharmacological preparations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Erection Problems

Although my goal is to describe all possible problems, causes, symptoms and manifestations of erection problems, there are certainly questions that bother you and do not fall under any official information. To this end, I have searched the Internet forums and collected the most frequently asked ones. Here they are with my answers to them:

  1. Who is the most at risk group for developing erection problems?

    Definitely men over 40, so middle-aged. The numbers are clear: almost half of men over 40 have erection problems, whether it's quality, stamina or onset. Age is definitely an unfavourable factor, but if you change your life, it's possible to win against time too.

  2. I have erection problems only occasionally. Is this a cause for concern?

    Depending on the time interval at which the above problems occur, an appropriate course of action must also be chosen. If you experience a problem very sporadically and for an obvious reason, there is no need to assume the worst immediately. However, if the disorder recurs, you should consider searching for the causes and try to find a suitable solution.

  3. Is it necessary to limit alcohol and smoking completely?

    I can imagine that you are very happy to have a beer with friends after work and occasionally a cigarette. I advise you well: definitely forget about this. It's simply a choice between enjoying the outdoors and enjoying the bedroom. Alcohol and cigarettes should ideally be completely excluded from your life, and not just for the sake of an erection.

  4. Can I really solve an erection problem without a doctor?

    No one can guarantee this, but based on my own observations and experience, I dare to say that most men can solve their erection problems even in home conditions. Of course, the results do not come right away, sometimes it can take a few months. However, I recommend to at least give it a try, you shouldn't give up right away.

  5. What happens if nothing helps me?

    If you try all possible solutions to erection problems “at home” and still do not get results, I have bad news for you: you have a serious problem with erectile dysfunction and you will have to undergo medical treatment. Actually, this is not bad news, as this treatment will help you. However, it will be much more expensive than the current measures.

How Erection Pills Work and Why I Recommend Them

The combination of multiple regimens towards a healthier life along with nutritional supplements can literally work wonders for most men. Yes, they are not going to be miracles overnight and you need to be more patient, but my own experience has been positive.

Tablets have one big advantage over other forms:

  • Taking the tablets is easy and the dosage is usually either regularly every day or roughly 60 minutes before planned intercourse

Yes, in the long time I’ve been dealing with men’s issues, I’ve also come across overpriced pills promising blue from the sky. I won’t be surprised for a minute if you just rolled your eyes at the words “erection pills“. I can imagine why. But thankfully, all that you experienced before is now in the past.

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Topical are pills for erection:

  • Purely natural, containing really high quality and effective extracts and extracts of many plants known in folk medicine since ancient times
  • Certified and controlled by the Office of Public Health and registered as a dietary supplement meeting all standards
  • Widespread in such numbers and in such competition that they must offer visible results, otherwise they would not be able to compete for customers

These pills work on the following principles:

  • They promote better blood circulation in the penis: they improve smooth muscle function and also promote longer erections, i.e. prolong erections.
  • They stimulate the production of hormones: they optimize their levels, especially regarding the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for libido and the desire for sex.
  • They act as natural aphrodisiacs: they make a man more horny and this is also reflected in a firmer and better erection.

The Situation Has Improved Compared to the Past

Objectively, I have to say that the situation has really improved and the preparations that were on our market a few years ago are thankfully on the scrap heap of history. Although I cannot guarantee that every product will work the same for everyone, the chances are better than ever.

Pills I’ve Tried and My Experience With Them

I myself have taken dozens of different brands of erection support pills. Some had a weaker effect that was hardly even noticeable. They were even, in many cases, pills that had invested a lot of money in advertising and promotion. I didn’t get ahead of myself and patiently searched further in order to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Fortunately, my patience bore fruit. I also came across a few products that really helped me with improving erections. In the table below you will find a brief overview of them with ratings and also the option to click through to a more detailed review.

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