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The topic of penis length, thickness and size is often a source of self-satisfaction, self-confidence, but also a feeling of inferiority or failure for men. In this respect, the winners and losers are quite clear, and no one wants to belong to the latter category. Penis length is even something of a barometer of a partner’s satisfaction.

Maybe many men just smile at this, but it’s true. There are two reasons for this. The first is the man’s own sense of satisfaction. Simply, if a man knows that he can provide his partner with quality sex, he is appropriately proud of himself. The measure of such quality is precisely his sex drive.

When is the penis short and when is it long enough

When is the penis short and when is it long enoughIf you want to know from men whether they are satisfied with their nature, you will come across two categories of answers. Either the man is dissatisfied with the size of his penis or he doesn’t address the topic too much. Women even address this topic much less than men think.

Interestingly, almost half of the men who are dissatisfied have a penis of average length or thickness
One can speak of an extremely small nature if the length of the penis in the erect state does not even reach 10 cm or so.

On the other hand, if a man has more than 20 cm, this can already be considered an above-average endowment of nature Interestingly, women are less strict on men than one would expect. Several surveys show that most women would be satisfied if their partner had a penis 15 centimetres long. The size during stalking is important, because in the flaccid state the length can vary enormously.


Although there is no set definition of what the ideal penis length is, there are a few numbers that can point to at least an average. The average length of the penis when erect is about 13 centimetres, and its average thickness is about 4.5 centimetres.

The options you have to deal with penis enlargement at home

The options you have to deal with penis enlargement at homeAs penis enlargement is a much sought after and interesting topic, I will say right from the start that if you are afraid of surgical solutions, you still have quite a large spectrum of home options to deal with penis enlargement, lengthening or increasing the thickness of the penis.

However, I would like to stress right at the outset that any home methods are associated with the risk that the result will not be commensurate with your expectations. Nature is not so easily fooled and you can only help yourself if certain things are the cause.

These are the ways you can enlarge your penis:

  • Surgically: this way it is possible to lengthen the penis either by liposuction, lipofilling or by detaching it from the pubic bone.
  • By exercise: I have to admit that this is a slightly controversial method, as penis lengthening exercises don’t produce nearly the effect that men would like.
  • Pills: This method seems to be the easiest and the most convenient, but even in this case one should not expect miracles, and pills that promise to enlarge a few centimeters will most likely only exaggerate.

The principle and effects of tablets for penis lengthening or thickening

The principle and effects of penis enlargement pillsPenis enlargement pills should not be taken quite as literally as they are called. The term enlargement refers either to an increase in the length of the penis when erect or to an increase in the thickness of the penis during erection. Lengthening in the natural state will not be possible with these preparations.

The first method is more popular, as length is what men like to compare. If you are looking just for penis lengthening, the basis of the tablets promoting this effect is a greater blood supply to the sexual organ and therefore its lengthening. However, this effect may not occur in every man with the same intensity.

As far as thickening of the penis is concerned, this is generally achieved by the same principle. Greater blood supply to the corpora lutea is promoted and at the same time the condition of the blood vessels in the penis is improved. As a result, more blood is pumped into the penis and circulated there, and the penis can thicken.

In both cases, the pills work individually, and this is due to their nature. They are over-the-counter pills for which no prescription is needed. Such availability is achieved by the fact that the pills contain only extracts and extracts of a purely natural nature, so no artificially and chemically created active substances.

Side effects

Of course, in addition to the desired effects, men also ask about and worry about the undesirable ones, that is, the unwanted ones. However, the pills I am talking about are safe from this point of view. Since their composition is purely natural, side effects are minimal and almost do not occur.

Frequently asked questions

Before I move on to the actual brands of pills that can help you achieve penis enlargement, I would like to answer a few questions that men most often ask about this issue. There are not many of them, but the answers are very important.

  1. Where can I guarantee that the composition of the pills is true?

    The pills that are sold in our country and that I have tried and recommended myself have to be certified by the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic. This means that their composition is examined and, as long as the product is safe to use and the declared composition corresponds to reality, the product is authorised for sale.

  2. How to find and where to buy the pills?

    Finding pills for penis extension or other penis enlargement is not a problem, as they are also offered by several pharmacies and especially online stores with nutritional supplements. However, I myself recommend everyone to always buy from an official distributor, which is the safest way in terms of price and guarantee of originality.

  3. What if the pills don't work?

    Unfortunately, no manufacturer will 100% guarantee the effectiveness of the tablets and neither can I. However, most tablets can be returned after ordering, some even assuming you have already opened the pack and taken part of it. Being able to return a product you are not happy with is probably the best guarantee.

  4. I have found reviews on the internet that praise the pills. Should I believe them?

    I would like to answer more diplomatically, but the simple answer is: no. Nowadays, you can't generally trust everything you find and read on the internet right away. If it is obviously an overly positive, or even overly negative, review, it is obviously a purposeful text and its objectivity is questionable.

  5. Is it enough to take the pills for a few days or is it necessary to take them for a longer period of time?

    Although the manufacturers of these preparations often try to give the client the impression that the pills will work “on the spot”, the opposite is usually true. My own experience is that in order to achieve optimal results, longer-term use of at least two or three months is necessary.

Pills I’ve Tried And My Experience With Them

Pills I’ve tried and my experience with themI myself have never been dissatisfied with the length or thickness of my penis, but I was tempted to try some minor tweaks. I had already tested a really huge number of pills that were designed not only to enlarge the penis. So I have a pretty good overview.

Despite the fact that I have tried quite a large number of pills, only three brands have so far produced even slightly visible results: Zerex, Vimax and E-reX 24. However, I want to stress that even these pills will not give you a penis enlargement of 5 centimetres or even more. However, some improvement may occur, mostly by no more than 2 centimetres.

Do you find this too little? That’s the reality. I’ll tell you straight away, as others will promise you blue sky. But think about it:

why would anyone want to sell you a “miracle” pill with maximum effect for a few €?

Also, not everything that is written on the pills may be true, because the claimed effects are usually maximum possible, not minimum possible above reality, because ordinary over-the-counter pills cannot provide a penis enlargement of 5 centimetres or more, if only because of their composition

And now take a look at the review of the pills I tested. All the essentials can be found here:

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