Testicular Problems, What kind of conditions and treatments do we know?

The testicles, as an internal organ of the reproductive system in men, are extremely important. Sperm are formed here, but at the same time the testicular problems also stimulate prolems with hormone testosterone. This paired organ is located in the lower part of the scrotum and is thus much more influenced by the surrounding environment than other parts of the male reproductive system.

Testicular Problems are mostly not much noticed by men, unlike the penis, for example. Also for this reason, they do not address too much the problems and disorders that can occur with them. The first stimulus that already sends a warning signal to a man is pain in the testicles.

This symptom can signal different kinds of disorders and problems. Most often these are inflammatory diseases, fluid accumulation in the testicles, excessive dilation of the veins, but various cysts and tumors can also appear. Of course, none of this should be underestimated for a moment.

Painful Testicles

This condition is not a disease in itself, rather it is a symptom of something else. In addition to painful testicles, other related symptoms and manifestations should also be noted, which can indicate, for example, whether the pain is due to an acute or chronic type of disease.

  • This occurs, for example, with inflammation in it or inflammation in another part of the genital system, but also with cysts, hydrocele, varicocele or tumors

The solution to these problems always depends on the specific causes and type of disease:

  • simple inflammations are treated with antibiotic pharmacological treatment, and in
  • extreme cases, it is necessary to deal with them surgically
  • in hydrocoele, surgery cannot be avoided, but is only minimal
  • varicocele can be treated either by sclerotizing the veins with a solution or laparoscopically
  • cysts require surgical removal
  • tumor’s are treated either surgically or with chemotherapy if the tumor is malignant, and prevention and promotion of proper testicular function is also very important

Since testicular pain is underestimated by many men, and other related symptoms are equally underestimated, I have addressed this topic separately in a separate article. In it you will also learn what diseases are related to testicle pain and how they can be treated. If you are interested in preventive and regimen measures related to testicular health, here are the preparations I have tried:

Atrophy of the Testicles

Atrophy of the testicles is a condition that can be an indicator and symptom of some serious pathological changes in the testicles and their tissue. It is either a disorder of testicular development at the time of adolescence or their shrinkage already at the time of adulthood.

  • Atrophy of the testicles can be either short-term, most often it is at a very low ambient temperature, or long-term, when it can be a symptom of inflammation, tumor and other diseases

The treatment and solution to this condition lies primarily in addressing the specific causes:

  • if it is a consequence of age, it is recommended to increase the level or production of testosterone the same
    applies if low levels are found for any other reason
  • external negative influences, such as certain drugs and anabolics, should be limited
  • in inflammations and infections, antibiotic drug treatment is prescribed
  • in the case of varicocele, this is dealt with by surgery and sclerotherapy of the veins
  • in the case of a torsion, laparoscopic surgery may be necessary
  • in the case of a torsion, if this is the result of a tumor, this must be removed, most often surgically

To determine the correct course of treatment and treatment, diagnosis is essential. What all this includes, but also more detailed information about treatment, you can find it in a separate article on testicular atrophy. In addition to addressing an already problematic condition, it is also a good idea to focus on prevention, at least in the area of increasing testosterone. For this purpose, there are also special preparations:

None of the above disorders need pose a fatal danger if detected and addressed early. On the contrary, if you neglect the warning signs in the form of symptoms, even simple inflammation can end up with permanent consequences. I also recommend taking care to prevent and maintain healthy testicles naturally.

Women’s Issues and testicular problems

Not only men, but also women have to deal with several problems or disorders related to their sex life or reproductive health during their lifetime. These may not be just the classic gynaecological problems, such as cyst, inflammation, discharge associated with itching and burning, which is more indicative of infections.

Rather, these are situations that may be problematic in symptoms or complicated in course, but may not be a disease at all. A typical example is, for example, menopause, also called climacteric, or low estrogen levels in general.

Very often women are also bothered by the bust, especially its insufficient size. In this case, too, it is the type of female problem that can be solved by a combination of some natural measures, herbs, teas or pills can also help.

Premenstrual Syndrome

In 20 to 50% of women, a phenomenon called premenstrual syndrome occurs at regular monthly intervals during their sexual life. This is a set of certain difficulties related to the onset of menstruation, which makes even normal life significantly uncomfortable.

  • Premenstrual syndrome can involve up to 150 physical and psychological symptoms, usually appears around the age of 20 and lasts virtually until menopause

As for the specific manifestations of the syndrome, these are the most common ones:

  • the first circle includes the most common psychological symptoms associated with emotional state, especially anxiety, mood swings and irritability
  • the second circle includes headaches and excessive feelings of tiredness, sometimes uncontrollable food cravings may also appear, especially for sweets
  • the third circle is related to physiological manifestations that make everyday life unpleasant, such as weight gain, bloating or bust tenderness
  • the last circle of symptoms includes serious memory problems and memory lapses

Would you like to know if the symptoms of the syndrome can be alleviated in any way, or what all of the lifestyle and lifestyle factors have an impact on the syndrome? Check out my special article on premenstrual syndrome to learn more. You’ll also find natural support products specifically designed for women:


Transition is a natural thing in women associated with hormonal changes, so in the case of a smooth course, menopause or menopause is nothing negative. This is not always the case, in some women the hormonal balance is disturbed more.

  • For example, night sweats, hot flushes, insomnia or mood changes may occur during menopause, and are particularly intense in the case of hormonal problems

These negative manifestations of menopause can be addressed in a number of ways:

  • The basis is a change in eating habits and consumption of foods with more vitamins B and C
  • Of the minerals, it is important to take calcium due to the risk of thinning bones, in particular, and many herbs and plants help to obtain a better hormonal balance, such as fenugreek, wild yam or Benedictine, for example.
  • The effects of plants are also used by various over-the-counter nutritional supplements in th case of menopause, medication can also be taken.

The topic of menopause is extensive and if you would like to learn more, such as the course, possible risks or influencing factors, I recommend you to read my special article on menopause. I have also reviewed several products designed to improve hormonal balance:

Breast Augmentation

The second problem, which is more of a cosmetic issue than a health issue, is insufficient bust size. Many women therefore focus on breast augmentation, the size and dimensions of which are largely dependent on genetic predisposition.

  • The most common problems for women are breasts that are too small and breasts that are not firm enough; less common problems are breasts that are unequal in size or shape

There are several methods that can be used for breast augmentation:

  • The easiest way is to include push-up bras in your wardrobe for breast enlargement and especially firming, there are also several exercises, some of which you may know from the fitness center, and the most often discussed way are creams and gels, which should have a supportive effect.
  • Pills that contain extracts from plants with active substances called phytoestrogens, which help to develop breast tissue, also work, and the most expensive option is enlargement with special substances or implants.

Breast augmentation is a complicated and complex issue where not only the volume but also the firmness of the breast tissue needs to be addressed. You can learn more about this issue in my article on breast augmentation. I also give attention to special natural preparations designed for breast augmentation:

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Increase in Estrogen

Since one of the most important female sex hormones is estrogen, low levelss can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, ovulation, and sexual and reproductive life in general. Estrogen deficiency can also occur in younger women.

  • Low estrogen levels can be caused by eating disorders, excessive physical activity or diseases of the hormonal system, for example

How to increase estrogen? There are several options for this:

  • the best known is hormone replacement therapy, which involves the administration of synthetic estrogen, an alternative to this is the prescription of hormonal contraceptives
  • many foods also contain so-called plant estrogens, which have similar effects to human ones, so a change in diet can also help
  • pills containing plants with phytoestrogens are based on the same principle
  • there are also special exercises called hormonal yoga to promote hormone production

Resolving low estrogen levels is important for proper functioning in normal life, as well as for a healthy reproductive system. How to increase the hormone in the body, I have discussed this in more detail in my article on the topic of increasing estrogen. I also give to your attention the pills that are intended for this purpose:

Hormonal disorders and testicular problems

In addition to problems with a part of the reproductive system, the function of a sexual organ or a particular area of sexual life, sexual disorders can also be related to sexual health only indirectly. A typical representative of such problems are hormonal disorders in both women and men.

A disorder of the hormonal system can also have symptoms independent of reproductive health. For example, weight gain or weight loss, hair loss or skin rashes often occur. It is only later that symptoms related to sex life are added.

Most often there is a disturbance of hormonal balance and hormonal changes, estrogen deficiency or progesterone deficiency, or a complete hormonal imbalance. We’ll talk a little more about each of these problems.

Hormonal Changes and Hormonal Balance comes along with testicular problems

For a proper sex life, but also many other processes in the body, hormonal balance is important. However, this can be disturbed by hormonal changes, some of which are only short-term, but long-lasting ones can also occur.

  • The most common hormonal changes are in the levels of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and gonadotropic hormones, in both men and women these changes can have different causes

Both women and men can fight these changes in different ways:

  • Movement, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are a necessary basis, and healthy eating is also necessary, especially eating more fruit and vegetables
  • It is also important not to forget about herbs, which is especially true for women during the menopause since women also experience changes during pregnancy, attention should be paid to this
  • For men, it is important to limit alcohol and especially smoking
  • You can also help yourself by taking tablets with herbal active substances
  • You should also avoid stress and excessive exhaustion.

Many changes in hormone levels are temporary, such as the aforementioned pregnancy, or changes related to the short-term use of certain medications. Not to forget the symptoms, which I write about in a separate called hormonal changes. If you are interested in possible solutions, one of them is pills, such as these:

Testosterone Deficiency

One of the most serious hormonal disorders in men is low testosterone. Since it is the main male sex hormone responsible for sex drive, fertility and indirectly the quality of erections, this problem should not be underestimated.

  • Lack of the hormone testosterone can be a consequence of age, as its production naturally decreases from the age of 25, but also a consequence of illness or poor lifestyle

Increasing testosterone can be a combination of several measures:

  • consume meat, vegetables, fruit, good quality fats and limit simple carbohydrates
  • for hormone stimulation, intensive exercise is helpful
  • enough recovery and sleep is also a positive factor, as well as more frequent sex
  • alcohol, smoking and foods with estrogen should be avoided in contrast, some herbs, such as Maca or St. John’s wort, are also excellent for support on a similar principle, as well as pills with plant extracts in the case of serious disorders, hormone replacement therapy is already necessary

Would you like to know which all possible causes may be behind the low level of this important male hormone and what symptoms are associated with such a condition? Read my comprehensive article on the topic of testosterone deficiency to find out. In addition, I have also tried preparations designed to aid in its increase. Whatever you like, here they are:

Lack of Estrogen

Among the female sex hormones, estrogen is particularly important for the quality of sexual life and fertility. Low levels of estrogen bring with it problems with libido in women, but also problems with the menstrual cycle.

  • Lack of the hormone estrogen is most often caused by menopause, but it can also be the result of a disease or the use of certain types of medication

When it comes to increasing estrogen, women have several options:

  • Many of them try hormone therapy right away, but there are also other options first of all, you need to change your diet, for example, soy and tofu contain phytoestrogens also several plants, for example St. John’s wort, have plant estrogens an interesting option is also the so-called hormonal yoga
  • Alcohol, smoking and excessive physical exertion should be avoided, but regular exercise is also important, especially if you have a sedentary job as supportive preparations
  • You can buy hormone creams and herbal pills

Of course, the topic of low levels of this hormone is very complex and can not be covered with just a few points. Therefore, I give to your attention my article on estrogen deficiency, where you will find both the causes and manifestations discussed in detail. I also want to draw your attention to nutritional supplements containing phytoestrogens, which my partner has tried:

Hormonal Imbalance with testicular problems

The last problem is the overall hormonal imbalance. We speak of such a situation when the hormonal levels of several types of sex hormones, or hormones responsible for their production, are affected.

  • Hormonal imbalance can be caused by, for example, older age, a problem with the secretion of specific hormones, diseases of the hormonal system, but also by external factors.

To restore hormonal balance, here are the most common options:

  • For men, the intake of testosterone-stimulating foods can help
  • Women should consume foods with phytoestrogens, such as soy or tofuit is important to limit smoking and alcohol
  • Enough sex and especially natural exercise helps hormonal stability
  • Some plants can help, for example Maca, Anemone or Fenugreek
  • For the most serious disorders, hormone therapy can be used

Restoring hormonal balance should first and foremost be a matter of long-term regimen measures with a natural effect. It is also important to know all the causes as well as the symptoms, as I write about in my article on hormonal imbalance. Some preparations for men and women, such as the following, can also help:

The problems mentioned above are in many cases the result of natural evolution. Very often hormonal problems occur as a result of andropause in men and menopause in women. Although the causes of this type are natural, it should not be forgotten that every hormonal disorder needs to be addressed. As far as possible, as naturally as possible.

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