Ejaculation problems, What problems do we know?

Ejaculation problems affect men as often as erection problems. The fact that these kinds of disorders are less visible in public can only be due to the fact that most manufacturers of various tablets and preparations concentrate primarily on the erection area. Fortunately, there are several exceptions.

The most common problem is too fast or premature ejaculation, which troubles men at almost every age. It is not at all a matter only of sexually inexperienced young men, it can trouble middle-aged guys out of nowhere.

Less common are already problems with the amount of ejaculate, especially with its low volume. However, if a man finds, for example, blood in his semen, he naturally pays much more attention to it. So I have looked a little closer at all these problems mentioned above.

Rapid Ejaculation

One of the most common problems that men have with ejaculation is its prematureness. This is a rather delicate disorder, which in extreme cases can even lead to the inability to conceive an offspring. Fortunately, most of the time it is not a permanent condition.

  • Too rapid or premature ejaculation may be related to, for example, sexual abstinence, improper testosterone levels or physiological disorders

There are a number of options to address this situation. Here are the most common ones:

  • Interrupting intercourse, which delays ejaculation and orgasm more frequent
  • Intercourse or masturbation, which releases sexual energynonsensitising
  • Techniques and preparationsestablishing hormonal balance, in particular stabilising testosterone levelsprofessional
  • Treatment of a physiological disorder, such as a short bridleprofessional
  • Treatment of inflammations that can cause premature ejaculation
  • Pills without prescription designed to prolong erections and stabilise libido

Since premature ejaculation requires special attention, it is impossible to mention in such a short space all the factors and ways of solving this problem. Therefore, I have written a comprehensive article on premature ejaculation where you will learn this information. I have also reviewed pills to help delay ejaculation, specifically these:

Little Ejaculate

Too little ejaculate is one of the less common problems related to ejaculation or erection, but it can occur in men from time to time. There may be transient and short-term factors behind this condition, but also a reaction to a more serious problem.

  • If a man has little ejaculate, lack of fluids, too much ejaculation intensity in a row, smoking but also lack of testosterone can be to blame

There are several solutions to this disorder:

  • Greater sexual abstinence and this also applies to masturbation greater
  • Fluid intake, except for alcohol and sweetened bubbly drinks changes
  • In diet, especially the intake of substances that stimulate semen production
  • Regimen measures related to avoiding overheating of the testicles pills
  • or more specialist treatment aimed at increasing testosterone
  • Pills to promote spermatogenesis and increase sperm quality limitation of
  • Smoking and unhealthy lifestyle

If you want to know what all affects the amount of ejaculate and what are the limits of its volume, I bring to your attention my special article comprehensively focused on the problem with a small amount of ejaculate. Since pills that support spermatogenesis and fertility can also be part of the solution, here is an overview of them:

Blood in the Ejaculate

The presence of blood in the ejaculate may be manifested by an overall browner discoloration of the entire ejaculate, or by the presence of small particles of fresh blood in it. In either case, it is a state of maximum consternation for most men, which usually induces panic.

  • Haematospermia, as this problem is professionally called, can arise as a result of congestion of the testicles, but also as a consequence of a cyst or carcinoma on the prostate

Given that the causes of the condition can be very diverse, the range of solutions is wider:

  • If it is a consequence of excessively frequent ejaculation, sexual abstinence will help
  • In case of inflammatory or infectious diseases, treatment is usually with antibiotics and the same
  • Applies if the reason is a sexually transmitted disease cysts
  • Are usually dealt with by surgery, in which they have to be cut out
  • Problem is caused by a tumor, a specialist solution is necessary, consisting of a combination of surgery and chemotherapy
  • In case of a problem with blood vessels and veins, pills are taken to improve their condition

The causes as well as the possible solutions are discussed in more detail in my article on the occurrence of blood in the ejaculate. Various types of tablets can also be part of the support, beneficially affecting spermatogenesis and overall proper blood supply to the genital system. Their reviews and my experience can be found in this review:

No matter which type of problem or which of the ejaculation disorders presented above you suffer from, I want to encourage you. There is a solution to everything, although sometimes it will take a long time before you see a clear improvement and result. However, my own experience shows that even ejaculation problems can be managed and in many cases even without a doctor.

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