Which Viagra Alternatives over the counter are available?


 Our worth from

From €78.00 From €78.00 From €83.00 From €98.00

 How reliable are they?

74%60-70%58-74% 52-71%






Generic easily accessible?




Kamagra Generic
Available without prescription?

Viagra Connect




Available in a day-to-day dose?

NoCialis DailyNoNo

How quick do they function?

30-60 mins


30-60 mins


How extended do they utmost?

4-6 hrs

Up to 36 hrs

 4-6 hrs

6 hrs

Chance of adverse impacts

Less than 2%

Less than 2%

Less than 2%

2% or over

There are in addition some numerous treatments that are not verified to function, along with:

  • Penis rings
  • Jelqing
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal pills

The areas underneath enter into component on these absolutely various groups of Viagra alternative choices.

Are there pills function like Viagra?

  • Sildenafil – that’s the common mannequin of Viagra. They every have the energised active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, however given that Sildenafil isn’t branded, it’s normally less expensive than Viagra.
  • Viagra Connect this an over the counter Viagra differed you must buy in drug stores with out seeing a physician initially.
  • Cialis, Cialis Daily, as well as Tadalafil – these medication all accept tadalafil as an outcome of the energised active ingredient. Cialis is the well-known pill, like Viagra. Tadalafil is the less expensive common mannequin as well as Cialis Daily is a as swiftly as day-to-day tablet that you just merely don’t must take simply quicker than sexual intercourse like absolutely various impotence medication.
  • Levitra as well as Vardenafil – every accept vardenafil as an outcome of the energised active ingredient. Levitra is the well-known tablet as well as Vardenafil is the less expensive common mannequin.
  • Spedra – one various impotence pill, which starts functioning in advance of Viagra. There is none common mannequin of Spedra easily accessible nonetheless.

For additional info on picking in between these pills, see:

Are there various clinical alternative choices to Viagra?

  • Vitaros – a hanker impotence that integrates the energised active ingredient alprostadil. This lotion is used to the within of a penis making use of an applicator that inserts the lotion right into the urethra.
  • Caverject – a shot for impotence that uses the similar energised active ingredient as Vitaros, alprostadil. Here alprostadil is infused quickly right into the penis earlier than sexual intercourse.
  • Muse – these are alprostadil pellets which can be put right into the penis making use of an applicator, like with Vitaros lotion.
  • Penile implants – frequently a last hotel when no various treatments are proper or reliable. Penile implants are pumps which can be put right into the penis by operation. The dental implant is after that by hand blown up earlier than sexual intercourse.
  • Sex solution – speaking with a specialist as well as obtaining experienced referral will certainly aid impotence for some men. You can obtain referred for sexual intercourse solution on the NHS.

What non-medical alternative choices to Viagra exist?

  • Penis pumps – these are reliable systems made use of to draw in blood right into the penis to provide an erection. They can be used together with pills like Viagra.
  • Weight loss – several people with impotence are overweight. Being overweight can trigger impotence so losing weight will certainly aid people improve their erections.
  • Pelvic floor covering exercises – reinforcing the muscles accountable for erections can improve blood distribute as well as make erections easier to obtain as well as hold.
  • Other lifestyle alterations – there are a number of various lifestyle improvements that might make erections easier, along with:

What are the most effective Viagra alternative choices?

Viagra altenatives can be also medication for dealing with impotence, as well as there aren’t any various pills for impotence which can be ensured to function greater. However, some clinical systems, such implants as well as pumps, might go more than .

Penis pumps are a reliable numerous to penis enlargement pills, with objective 82% to 89% of men as well as their buddies reporting success after making use of a penis pump, with over 90% contentment of their erections. Penis pumps might likewise be made use of together with Sildenafil for a better chance of success. When making use of a penis pump with impotence pills, objective to 79% of men reported improvements to their erections

Penile implants are a last-resort solution as well as aren’t an excellent numerous to solutions for the majority of people, nonetheless they can be a sporting chance for people that can’t, or don’t want to utilize it.

If Viagra doesn’t be ideal for you, you perhaps can try various impotence pills. Sometimes one pill might function also when another one hasn’t. Everyone’s body is a little bit bit absolutely various, so the most effective solution for several men will certainly not be the most effective solution for you. Just keep in mind you perhaps can’t take absolutely various impotence medications jointly, as that might activate undesirable impacts comparable to damage to your penis.

To enhance your possibilities of success, you must use a mix of treatments, as long as you don’t blend medications. For circumstances you might try a mix of:

  • An impotence tablet
  • Weight loss strategy
  • Pelvic floor covering exercises
  • A penis pump
  • Sex solution

Which Viagra replaces job quicker?

Levitra is the quickest working impotence medication which you can take earlier than sexual intercourse. It starts operate in 15 mins whereas various ED medications start functioning round 30 to 60 mins after you are taking them.

Cialis takes no time at all to start functioning as an outcome of it’s at perpetuity in your system. Taking Cialis Daily every day implies you perhaps can in all times be planned for sexual intercourse without needing to prepare onward.

Other treatments that function quicker than Viagra personify:

  • Vitaros
  • Caverject
  • Muse
  • Penis pumps

Also, any type of solution that offers lasting benefits, like lifestyle alterations, train, or solution, will certainly aid you obtain erections easier any time with out the need to prepare onward.

Which Viagra alternative choices last extra?

Cialis is the longest-lasting impotence tablet you are taking previously than sexual intercourse. It can last as long as 36 hrs whereas various pills exclusively last a the majority of 6 hrs. This is why it’s normally commonly called the ‘weekend break tablet.

Cialis Daily doesn’t discontinue functioning. This practically makes it the longest-lasting pill easily accessible given that its outcomes can last as long as you maintain taking them every day.

While it’s not practical to treat impotence completely, some treatments can improve erections lasting, along with:

  • Weight loss
  • Sex solution
  • Pelvic floor covering exercises
  • Lifestyle alterations

Also, should you manage the sources of erectile dysfunction, you may obtain lasting decrease from the indicators, for example:

  • Changing your medications if impotence is amongst the undesirable impacts (in all times speak to a medical professional earlier than changing your medication)
  • Lifestyle alterations in situation your erections are being impacted by tension, medication, or alcohol
  • Getting solution for well being circumstances that may activate impotence, like high blood pressure

Are there any type of less expensive alternative choices to Viagra?

Sildenafil as well as absolutely various common therapies like Tadalafil as well as Vardenafil are one of the most inexpensive impotence pills easily accessible. These medications function the similar approach as well-known treatments like Viagra, Cialis, as well as Levitra nonetheless given that they aren’t branded, they’re frequently less expensive.

You might obtain Sildenafil for impotence on an NHS prescription which is less expensive than obtaining a non-public prescription. Other impotence pills can be discovered on NHS prescription, nonetheless simply for people with certain preexisting well being circumstances.

There are in addition various solution selections which worth a lot less or may be cost-free, along with:

Are there any type of Viagra alternative choices you will obtain with out a prescription?

The exclusively Viagra without prescription is Viagra Connect. This has the similar energised active ingredient nonetheless as a replacement of obtaining a prescription, you perhaps can go right to the pharmacologist to buy it. The pharmacologist will certainly run using a survey like a medical professional would certainly in specific or online. If the pharmacologist assumes Viagra Connect holds true from you, you must purchase it there after which.

Other Erectile dysfunction pills without prescription, like all-natural nutritional supplements, will certainly not be verified to function as well as will exclusively be bought from a relied on supplier. Buying these goods can merely be a waste of cash money, or at worst can perhaps be dangerous to take.

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