What Is a Migraine?

Migraine is a standard situation which impacts over eight million individuals within the UK. It is a extreme headache which may persist for a number of days. In most instances, the headache consists of a throbbing ache on one or each side of your head. It is believed that migraines could also be brought on by the widening of blood vessels within the head.

Many sufferers who are suffering from migraines additionally expertise elevated sensitivity to mild or sound and select to relaxation in a darkish room to keep away from each. It can be quite common for migraines to trigger nausea and vomiting. Less generally, they’ll additionally trigger elevated sweating, belly ache and diarrhoea.

Some individuals undergo from migraines with aura, which implies that they expertise signs comparable to noticeable concerns, tingling of the face or arm or legs, concerns with their speech or lightheadedness throughout a migraine.

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