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Hay fever is an allergic response to pollen. It happens through the time of the yr when vegetation launch pollen and causes signs similar to sneezing, a runny nostril and itchy eyes. Hay fever tablets and nasal sprays can present reduction from signs throughout hay fever season. If over-the-counter merchandise do not assist, you should buy a prescription hay fever remedy.

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The a prescription and drugs on-line. We supply Nasonex nasal spray in addition to the hay fever tablets Neoclarityn and Telfast. Placing an order is straightforward – simply fill in our temporary questionnaire and select your most popular remedy. Our physician will overview your order and approve an acceptable remedy.

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About Hay fever Treatment

What is hay fever?

If you undergo from hay fever, you might be allergic to pollen. Pollen is a high quality powder produced by vegetation similar to bushes and grass throughout sure occasions of the yr. Most hay fever sufferers within the UK are allergic to grass pollen. Most generally, hay fever signs happen in the summertime months between May and August. However, some sufferers expertise signs as early as January or as late as September.

Being allergic to pollen implies that your immune system reacts to pollen as if it have been a menace like a germ or a virus. Symptoms can embody sneezing, a runny nostril and itchy eyes. You can also expertise complications throughout hay fever season or usually really feel drained and unwell.

Hay fever remedies similar to tablets and nasal spray cut back the signs. They don’t remedy hay fever and the signs will come again as quickly as you cease utilizing a hay fever remedy.

Hay fever tablets

Hay fever tablets cut back disagreeable signs. They include substances known as antihistamines. Antihistamines cease the allergic response which causes hay fever. Therefore, hay fever tablets are additionally known as antihistamine tablets.

Histamine is a chemical that your physique produces when it’s uncovered to pollen. It causes the signs generally related to hay fever. Antihistamines act on sure receptors in your physique to dam the motion of histamine. As a outcome, the allergic response and its signs are prevented.

Will hay fever tablets make me drowsy?

Some hay fever tablets could make you are feeling drowsy, relying on the antihistamine they include. Older variations of hay fever tablets, for instance Piriton, could make you are feeling drowsy. Newer antihistamine tablets, similar to Neoclarityn and Telfast, are much less more likely to trigger drowsiness.

Which unwanted effects can hay fever tablets trigger?

Hay fever tablets could cause unwanted effects in some sufferers.

Some antihistamine tablets could cause:

  • drowsiness
  • headache
  • nausea
  • dizziness

For a full checklist of unwanted effects at all times learn the affected person leaflet provided along with your medicine.

It is vital that you don’t take hay fever tablets if you’re allergic to any of the substances. Signs of an allergic response embody issue respiration, pores and skin rash and itching.

Can I purchase hay fever tablets on-line?

You can order prescription energy hay fever tablets by way of Superdrug Online Doctor. We will ask you to reply a couple of questions on your well being and your hay fever signs, so our physician can resolve whether or not antihistamine tablets are essentially the most appropriate remedy for you. Once your order has been accredited, your hay fever remedy shall be distributed by a Superdrug pharmacy and despatched to an handle of your selection.

Hay fever remedy choices

Hay fever tablets and nasal spray will not be the one remedies for hay fever. Depending in your signs, there could also be different appropriate remedy choices accessible. If you might be primarily affected by signs affecting your eyes chances are you’ll discover it useful to make use of hay fever eye drops, which cut back the itching, redness, soreness and watering hay fever causes. Hay fever eye drops often include a histamine because the energetic ingredient, similar to sodium cromoglycate or emedastine.

A extra long-term hay fever remedy is immunotherapy. It includes publicity to the allergen which causes your response, both by way of an injection or by taking a pill which incorporates it. Immunotherapy can take a very long time to extend your tolerance in direction of pollen and is often carried out in instances the place the affected person exhibits extreme hay fever signs.

Corticosteroid tablets are additionally typically prescribed as a hay fever remedy. They cut back irritation and supply efficient reduction from signs. However, they’re solely prescribed for brief time period reduction from extreme signs, as their use could cause unwanted effects. It just isn’t really useful to take corticosteroids as a hay fever remedy for greater than 10 days.

Nasal spray

If you might be primarily affected by nasal congestion and a runny nostril, you should utilize the nasal spray Nasonex to alleviate signs. You can use the spray as soon as each day, taking two sprays into every nostril. Nasonex incorporates cortisone, which reduces irritation and helps you breathe.

Hay fever reduction

While antihistamine tablets and nasal spray can relieve signs additionally it is advisable to minimise your publicity to the pollen you might be allergic to. Once you have got established which pollen is inflicting your signs you should utilize the goal met office pollen forecast to resolve whether or not you must restrict the time you spend outside throughout hay fever season.

Hay fever season

Pollen is launched throughout sure occasions of the yr. Different kinds of pollen are launched at totally different occasions:

Tree pollen – March to May
Grass pollen – May to July
Weed pollen – June to September

Knowing which pollen you might be allergic to will enable you keep away from publicity and signs.

How to cut back hay fever signs:

  • keep indoors when the pollen rely is over 50
  • wash your face and arms at common intervals
  • hold home windows and doorways shut
  • keep away from different allergens, similar to chemical compounds, pet fur and tobacco smoke
  • restrict your go alcohol intake

Hay fever danger

Why some individuals develop hay fever just isn’t at present identified. The situation is considered hereditary, as a result of youngsters of hay fever victims have the next danger of being allergic to pollen too. There are quite a few unconfirmed theories concerning the causes of hay fever. Some scientists for instance consider that youngsters who spend much less time taking part in outside have the next danger of hay fever than youngsters who often spend time taking part in exterior.

It can be assumed that rising up in an excessively clear and hygienic setting in addition to publicity to chemical compounds could improve your danger of allergic reactions and hay fever.

Researchers have discovered proof that stress can also improve your danger of hay fever.

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